Friday, 31 January 2014

Battlestorm - Demonic Incursion LP

Deathrash Armageddon / At War with False Noise

1. Introdecimation 01:05    
2. Necrophilic Damnation 03:53    
3. Supersonic Devastations 04:12    
4. Lust, War, Vengeance 03:04    
5. Demonic Incursion 02:36    
6. Celestial Perversion 03:25    
7. Serpentine Curse 03:47    
8. Despotic Archdaemon Reign 04:22    
9. Savage Incarnate

classic brutal primitive bestial black/death metal is released on vinyl!
  A combination of blistering, savage riffs, evil underground cave-reverberating vocals and frantic, unrelenting INRI drum sound.
A lot of bands of this genre are primitive in both production and technical aptitude, and whilst it's heavy as fuck and never lets up in pace or intensity, the production is clear as a bell and there's a real feel of classic metal running through the whole album. Check out the wild solo of the intro track before the first riff proper comes in and then chaos ensues.
  very limited run of only  100 copies only! Black vinyl. Screenprinted sleeves with spot varnish on both sides, double-sided A3 poster and logo patch, black with silver ink. All in a thick PVC sleeve.

Aptorian Demon - Libertus LP

Kyrck Productions & Armour / Apocalyptic Empire Records

1. Ignitus 09:03    
2. Imprison 07:38      
3. Libertus 12:57 
4. Amir al-Mu'minin 03:45    
5. Var Aere Er Troskap     04:41    
6. Ordets Makt     04:48     

Picture Amazing Black Metal from Norway.

Limited and numbered to 500 copies in
Two versions (both equally limited):
regular black vinyl and purple/ grey
blend/haze vinyl.

L'Acephale - The Book of Lies 7"

Parasitic Records

A blackened holocaust of extremely aggressive, nihilistic black metal with dark ambient and apocalyptic folk influences. 2 exclusive tracks clocking in at over 8 minutes per side.features full line up and complete revision of Book of Lies. Additional outro featuring Markus Wolff of Waldteufel and Blood Axis. Flip side is a new song Seventh Gate and epic based on the Voluspa Edda. Crushing production all around Comes in heavy deluxe gatefold sleeve with double sided professionally printed insert and vinyl sticker.


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Warwolves / Dishammer - split 7''


1. The Warwolves - Cult of the Ancestral Dead     01:39    
2. The Warwolves - Vengenace Riders of Doom     03:18    
3. Dishammer - Winter Calling     03:17    
4. Dishammer - Left to Rot     01:44

Limited 500 copies. A good chance its sold out.

The Warwolves -This is Sinclair from Warhate's band with Tim Parasitic. It's pretty much in the same style of bestial black metal as Warhate. And Dishammer kick our ass with some metalcrustpunkthrash.

Immortalis ‎– Indicium De Mortuis LP

Morbid Music ‎– LP 008-57061

A1 Burning Existence
A2 Intro
A3 Subordinate Gods
A4 Bleeding Inheritance
A5 Quo Vadis (Everlasting Life)
B1 Indicium De Mortuis
B2 My Requiem
B3 Voices Of Forgotten Souls
B4 Blasphemous Process
B5 Countess Bathory

Old Death Metal Band from Germoney. And what a Killer Album this is. Even if you had any hint of liking death metal and came across this album, you’d take one look at the cover and know off the bat that it’d be some good shit; it just has this killer old school sound mixed in with some soiled doom and gloom. As their only release, you have no excuse to let this one slip away from your ears. Hell, as damn good OSDM, you are ordered by metal law to listen to this!

Master's Hammer ‎– Ritual. LP (Reissue)

Jihosound Records ‎– JS001

A1 Intro
A2 Pád Modly
A3 Každý Z Nás...!
A4 Ritual
A5 Géniové
A6 Černá Svatozář
B1 Večný Návrat
B2 Jáma Pekel
B3 Zapálili Jsme Onen Svět
B4 Vykoupení
B5 Útok

A masterpiece well ahead of its time, “Ritual” is an amazing blend of black metal and classic heavy metal; two fantastic genres.
Master's Hammer - Ritual 180g vinyl + poster in gatefold matte cover. Complete edition with all tracks as on CD. Original 1991 sound.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Suffocation ‎– Human Waste 12" LP (Reissue)

Relapse Records - RR6686

A1 Infecting The Crypts
A2 Synthetically Revived
A3 Mass Obliteration
A4 Catatonia
B1 Jesus Wept
B2 Human Waste
B3 Involuntary Slaughter
B4 Reincremation

I love this output since his 1st Release Date. It was an absolute smasher. Death Metal History! Get this little fucker right here -->> BUY

Glorious Times: The Evolution of the Death Metal Scene 1984-1991

The ultimate Book about the old/early US Death Metal Scene besides some exotics like Vomit (NOR) or old Sepultura! A great read and great pics from Repulsion, Derketa, Incantation, Cannibal Corpse, Exmortis, Massacre, Mantas/Death, Immolation, Incubus... and and and.. What a Book!
I got it from Nuclear Blast Europe. LINK

Morpheus - Accelerated Decrepitude cassette tape


01. Trephanation
02. Accelerated Decrepitude
03. Triformed Limbs
04. Sttigmatic Crucifixion
05. Residual Kill

US OldSchool Death Metal. Later on Seraphic Decay and under the Banner of Morpheus Descends. Recommended!!!

Sinister ‎– Cross The Styx LP

 Nuclear Blast ‎– NB 061

A1  Carnificina Scelesta
A2  Perennial Mourning
A3  Sacramental Carnage
A4  Doomed
A5  Spiritual Immolation
A6  Cross The Styx
B1  Compulsory Resignation
B2  Corridors To The Abyss
B3  Putrefying Remains
B4  Epoch Of Denial
B5  Perpetual Damnation
B6  Outro

‘’Cross the Styx’’ is an album I have played countless times over countless years and it never ceases to enchant me into complete submission to it’s dark, violent world of hell bent ferocity. A true classic for the Death Metal lover who needs more than just heavy riffs and fast drums, an album for those who crave something not of this mortal realm, something more abstract and …well on the other side of that little river Charon likes to sail upon, do you still have those two coins your relatives gave you?

Demigod / Necropsy Split LP

Seraphic Decay Records ‎– SCAM 028

A1  Demigod – Perpetual Ascent (Intro)
A2  Demigod – Anxiety
A3  Demigod – Reincarnation
A4  Demigod – Succumb To Dark
B1  Necropsy – Intro
B2  Necropsy – Blasphemous Degradation
B3  Necropsy – White Perfect Fume
B4  Necropsy – From The Depths
B5  Necropsy – Under The Masses
B6  Necropsy – The Morass

Total Cult here. Finnish Death Metal at its best. Demigod Demo is unholy godly! This were the times… Enjoy!!!

Hypocrisy ‎– Penetralia LP

Nuclear Blast ‎– NB 2601-1

A1  Impotent God
A2  Suffering Souls
A3  Nightmare
A4  Jesus Fall
A5  God Is A …
B1  Left To Rot
B2  Burn By The Cross
B3  To Escape Is To Die
B4  Take The Throne
B5  Penetralia

2010 Gatefold LP. Here’s well it all started. Hypocrisy’s debut, Penetralia, is without a doubt their most brutal album along with the follow-up, Osculum Obscenum. This is essential to any serious death metal fan’s collection. Hell it’s essential even if you’re just passing by and want to have a glance at death metal. Get it at all costs.

Lubricant ‎– Swallow The Symmetric Swab cassette tape

Not On Label (Lubricant Self-released)

A1  Telesyphilis Of Exfetation
A2  Paralysis Bulbaris
B1  Imperious Radiopraxis (Tabidus Scatter)
B2  Inflammatorius Pulmonectomia
B3  Pulpectomy

Lubricant were a Death metal band from Finland (NOKIA). This is their wonderful Demo produced and released by the band back in 1991. If I’m correct than they’ve split up in the middle nineties. The last thing they brought out was an E.P called ”Nookleptia” in 1993 on mighty Morbid Records (Germany). 

Tiamat ‎– Sumerian Cry LP

Century Media ‎– 9980671 

Side Lucifer
A1         Sumerian Cry (Part I)    
A2         In The Shrines Of The Kingly Dead    
A3         The Malicious Paradise    
A4         Necrophagious Shadows    
A5         Apotheosis Of Morbidity    
Side Darkness
B1         Nocturnal Funeral    
B2         Alter Flame    
B3         Evilized    
B4         Where The Serpents Ever Dwell / Outro - Sumerian Cry (Part 2)    
B5         The Sign Of The Pentagram

"Sumerian Cry" is Tiamat's first, but their most vicious release. What makes the music effective, is that it's at a somewhat innocent stage in extreme metal. Death metal, for instance, would get more and more tight, more and more produced, even sometimes losing what made it against the norm and a nonconforming style of music in the first place. Tiamat pulled off some of this release with a little bit of luck and charm, combined with a particular sinister atmosphere that's so saturated, it probably drips some kind of poisonous or infectious fluid. Unfortunately, judging by their later material, the band never looked back on the style.

General Surgery ‎– Necrology cassette tape ep

Relapse Records ‎– RED 6053-4
A1         Ominous Lamentation
A2         Slithering Maceration Of Ulcerous Facial Tissue
A3         Grotesque Laceration Of Mortified Flesh
A4         Severe Catatonia In Pathology
A5         Crimson Concerto
A6         The Succulent Aftermath Of A Subdural Haemorrhage
A7         An Orgy Of Flying Limbs And Gore 
"Program is the same on both sides."  

The best Grind/Gore Carcass rip off Record ever hailing from Sweden. This is the ultimative Classic. Enjoy this Blast on full Volume!

Electrocution ‎– Inside The Unreal cassette tape

Rosemary's ‎– BABE 6MC

A1         Premature Burial  
A2         Rising Of Infection  
A3         They Died Without Crosses  
A4         Growing Into Flesh (Bleed To Death)  
A5         Body's Decay  
B1         Ghost Of The Past  
B2         Under The Wings Only Remains  
B3         Back To The Leprosy Death  
B4         Behind The Truth  
B5         Bells Of The End  

There are numerous excellent death metal acts alongside bands like Electrocution that have for some reason come and gone with just a single album and faded into obscurity. Fortunately then, there are still labels out there that help to ensure that excellent acts such as Electrocution, Death Strike and the likes remain fresh in fans' memories through the numerous reissues of hard-to-find albums. Inside the Unreal is a true masterpiece and any fan of death metal will find himself unwittingly going back to it again with its old school charm.

Treblinka ‎– Crawling To The Pentagram bootleg LP

Made In Hell Records

Crawling In Vomits Demo 1988
A1  Crawling In Vomits 
A2  Earwings In Your Veins 
A3  Hail To Cruelty 
A4  Cadaverous Odor 
The Sign Of The Pentagram Demo 1989
B1  Nocturnal Funeral 
B2  Evilized 
B3  Necrophageous Shadows 
B4  Mould In Hell

Both Demos on one LP. This is History. Enjoy!

Excruciate ‎– Passage Of Life LP

The Crypt - CRYPT 01

A1  Confused Mind
A2  Endless Suffocation
A3  Inhumation Postnatal
A4  Eternal Incubation
B1  Anatomical Self-Fertilization
B2  Passage Of Life
B3  Sabbath In The Mortuary
B4  Beyond The Circle

This a fantastic piece of Swedish death metal history and I recommend it to everyone into ancient death metal, even those generally not into the Dismember/Carnage/Unleashed etc sound, as this really is something entirely different. The album was just given a fantastic reissue by The Crypt on thick, heavyweight vinyl with excellent sound, as well as an extremely high quality jacket that is pretty much a direct reproduction of the original.

Rotting Christ ‎– Promo 1995 cassette tape

Floga Records ‎– FL68MC

1 Snowing Still
2 One With The Forest
3 The Opposite Bank

Three, burried in time, pieces in unreleased performances (different versions of these got released with different sound in TRIARCHY OF THE LOST LOVERS) with sound vividly close to the band's previous release NON SERVIAM!

Insulters - We Are the Plague LP

Trabuc Records

 1. Intro     01:12     
2. We Are the Plague     02:47     
3. Dynamite the Mosque     03:45     
4. Decadence     02:15     
5. Curse the Sun for Rising     03:04     
6. Lucifer Say Die     03:38     
7. No Mercy in My Grave     02:50     
8. Masters of Sin     03:36     
9. Midnight Worshippers     02:45     
10. Children of Judas     02:38     
11. Burn the Church     03:56

Filthy disgusting death metal punk from Spain.

Co-release with Equinox Records.
LP limited to 600 copies, first 100 in red vinyl with patch, 500 remaining in black vinyl.

Catasexual Urge Motivation ‎– Death To Pigs LP

Grind Block Records - GB066

A1  I Cum To Taste Your Blood, I Cum To Take Your Soul
A2  It's A Pure Fuckin' Hatred! World Showcase Of Cruelty And Bloodshed
A3  Too Many Killed To Confess
A4  Where There's A Killing, There's My Way
A5  Rape And Slaughter Like An American Murderer
A6  The Chamber Of Horrors... Meat Fuck Desecration
A7  Murder: It's A Proof Of One's Conscience And A Necessary Evil Most Necessarily
A8  Rhetoric Of Homicidal Perversity: Psycho Thriller Masturbation
A9  We Approve All Types Of Terrorism But We Prefer Mass Murder
A10  The Power Of Hatred Compels 'Em All
B1  Mutilation, Rape And Serial Murder As Modern Metaphor
B2  Declaration Of A Serial Killer... Mental Terrorism
B3  Murder Is Better Than Birth
B4  Multiple Parasexuality Disorder
B5  The Man Who Aimed At Maximum Murder To The Greatest Pleasure
B6  Murder Is Art Accepted By Many Artists
B7  Campaign For Legalize Murder
B8  "Catasexuality" It Means "Sexual Interest About A Matter To Let You Recall Death"
B9  It Is Very Dangerous That Recognize A Murder As Mysterious Existence, And To Do Sacralization, But, As For The Person, It Is Not Sometimes Stopped It
B10  The Reason Why I Murder A Person, It Is Not Only Hatred. Sometimes For Being To God, Sometimes For Being Real To Myself
B11  Secret Bonus Track

Extreme!!! “Death To Pigs” Absolutely savage new full-length recording from this infamous Japanese ensemble. Ultra-fast typhoon blastcore gore and social hatred for fans of serial killer pathology and musical murder. All the artwork composement is based on the Manson Family’s murders, and the cover handly re-drawn by metal artist NEKRO just for the LP version!!!! limited to 300 pcs

Monday, 27 January 2014

Grave Miasma - Odori Sepulcrorum dbl LP

Sepulchral Voice Records

1. Death's Meditative Trance     06:06     
2. Ascension Eye     07:03     
3. Ovation to a Thousand Lost Reveries     06:02     
4. έσχατος     06:05       Show lyrics
5. Odoratus Sepulcrorum     07:31     
6. Interlude     01:18     
7. Seven Coils     08:31     
8. Ossuary     06:06

Three years after the release of their "Exalted Emanation" EP, along with the stopgap "Realm Of Evoken Doom" retrospective compilation EP, GRAVE MIASMA have procured what will be recognized as one of the most important death metal albums of our time, their debut full-length album "Odori Sepulcrorum".  

  triple gatefoldcover, 8 sided A5 booklet, silk screen on vinyl(side "D")

Cro-Mags - The Age of Quarrel LP reissue

Profile Records (closed)
2013 Brass City Boss Sounds

A1 We Gotta Know    
A2 World Peace    
A3 Show You No Mercy    
A4 Malfunction    
A5 Street Justice    
A6 Survival Of The Streets    
A7 Seekers Of The Truth    
B1 It's The Limit    
B2 Hard Times    
B3 By Myself    
B4 Don't Tread On Me    
B5 Face The Facts    
B6 Do Unto Others    
B7 Life Of My Own    
B8 Signs Of The Times

the "Age of Quarrel" line-up Mackie Jayson, Doug Holland, John Joseph, Harley Flanagan, Parris Mayhew.

Cro-Mags are a classic example of a band which played the popular NYHC sound of the 80's during the American hardcore movement.

CLASSIC NYHC! Happy to have this vinyl back in my collection.

 Remastered, Reissue, 180 Gram black vinyl, also
180 Gram Orange & Black Splattered limited to 100. Pre-orders came with a shirt.



Hails folks, I had a few issues logging into this blog but I now have it fixed \m/ the temp blog will NO longer be used. Invited memebers please resend me your email and I will send you new incites to this blog.  Sorry for the confustion.


Into Darkness - Transmigration of Cosmic Creatures into the Unknown 7"

Doomentia Records

A1.Dreadful Omen of a Dark Millennium
B1. Transmigration of Cosmic Creatures into the Unknown

 Limited to 500 copies, 100 clear.
 Dark crushing Death/Doom Metal from Italy.

Nekrofilth - Devil's Breath LP

Hells Headbangers
320ks (63mb)
.flac (174mb)

1. Crave the Grave 01:37     
2. Scum Freak     01:36     
3. Wormskull 02:15     
4. Death Rush     01:29     
5. Deep Inside Disease     02:04     
6. I'm a Degenerate 02:07     
7. Crocodile     02:15     
8. Junkie Cunt     01:41     
9. Devil's Breath 02:32     
10. Lead Us to the Death 01:50     
11. Smear the Sleaze     02:45     
12. Volcanic Zit 02:07     
13. Blood Bug     01:54

OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS: Pressed on Grey/White marbled vinyl with lyrics insert & a large 18"x24" poster of the cover artwork painted by Putrid. The maggot jacket edition is sold out!
  Recommended for diehards of NME, Dayglow Abortions, SLAUGHTER (Canada), REPULSION, and early ABSCESS.

Blodfest - Krakes Blod cassette tape

Released on MC by (jointly) Northern Sky Productions and Night Birds Records in early 2006
320ks (108mb)
.flac (272mb)

1. Stenknivens Blot 05:00     
2. Hadets Flammer 03:57   
3. Danmarks Raette, Aere og Blod 03:59     
4. Crimson Spirit 04:39     
5. Den Naadesloese 04:25     
6. Forest 04:03     
7. Krakes Blod     06:06     
8. Menneskets Pagt 03:28     
9. Bastard Son     04:19     
10. Fuckin Bitch 03:39     
11. Unholy Murder Criminal 03:22

Black Metal from Denmark.

Vomitor - Bleeding the Priest cassette tape

Metal Blood Music (closed)
Supremacy Through Intolerance (closed?)

320ks (86mb)
.flac (219mb)

Finally available again after years of being out of print! Invictus is proud to re-issue 'Bleeding the Priest'! A Death Metal frenzy in the vein of 'Obsessed By Cruelty', 'Abominations of Desolation' & 'INRI'! Filthy, dirty, hideous Death Metal from Australia.

Impure Worship - Chthonic Litanies cassette tape

Iron Bonehead Productions

1. Chthonic Litanies 03:55     
2. Impurity Prevails 04:30     
3. Bastards will Pay (Chaotic End Cover) 03:50     
4. Weeping in Heaven (Profanatica cover) 02:30

4 Exclusive Songs For This Release, Limited To 300 Copies

Apokalyptic Raids - Only Death Is Real... LP

Demise Records (closed)
2014 Hells Headbangers 

1. The Enemy (Intro) 00:42      
2. Evil 02:38      
3. Forgotten Tales 03:48      
4. Into the Twilight Zone 04:55    
5. Eternal Gloom 03:22    
6. Angels of Hell 03:07      
7. Human kind Dies 04:44      
8. Tyrant, Emperor 05:30      
9. Apocalyptic Raids 05:48      
10. Tales of Horror (Outro) 04:24       (instrumental)

CD limited to 1000 copies on Unsilent Records Records; URCD010.
CD limited to 1000 copies on Demise Records; DMSCD019.
LP limited to 1000 copies on Dies Irae; DIES006.
Tape limited to 888 copies on Goat Vomits Productions; GVP006.
Reissued as gatefold LP by Hells Headbangers Records on January 1 2014. Available as traditional black vinyl (HELLSLP116-cr1) and red LP (HELLSLP116-cr5).

OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS: Pressed on traditional black vinyl & red vinyl. Comes in a black poly-lined inner sleeve with a Gatefold cover. At long last, HELLS HEADBANGERS re-issues on vinyl an underground classic so fitting of the format: APOKALYPTIC RAIDS' Only Death is Real... debut full-length. From their moniker and iconography on down to their galloping, gut-busting thrust, Brazil's APOKALYPTIC RAIDS are the ultimate in Hellhammer/Celtic Frost worship. Raw, rabid, and unrepentant, their sound on Only Death is Real... is squarely between the namesake MLP by Hellhammer and Celtic Frost's eternal Morbid Tales. However, APOKALYPTIC RAIDS' old-school attack is not meant as a rip-off; rather, it is a reverential homage to a classic era and two classic bands, done with a thorough understanding of these ancient metal masters

Corrosion Of Conformity ‎– Eye For An Eye dbl LP

no core Records
2012 Reissue, Limited Edition, Red, 180gram

01. Tell Me
02. Minds Are Controlled
03. Indifferent
04. Broken Will
05. Rabid Dogs
06. L.S.
07. Rednekkk
08. Coexist
09. Excluded
10. Dark Thoughts
11. Poison Planet
12. What?
13. Negative Outlook
14. Positive Outlook
15. No Drunk
16. College Town
17. Not Safe
18. Eye For An Eye
19. Nothing's Gonna Change
20. Green Manalishi
21. Eye For An Eye
22. Center of the World
23. Citizen
24. Not For Me
25. What?
26. Negative Outlook
 A1 Tell Me   
A2 Minds Are Controlled   
A3 Indifferent   
A4 Broken Will   
A5 Rabid Dogs   
A6 L.S.   
A7 Redneckkk   
B1 Coexist   
B2 Excluded   
B3 Dark Thoughts   
B4 Poison Planet   
B5 What?   
B6 Negative Outlook   
B7 Positive Outlook   
C1 No Drunk   
C2 College Town   
C3 Not Safe   
C4 Eye For An Eye   
C5 Nothing's Gonna Change   
C6 Green Manalishi (Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green)
Six Songs With Mike Singing
D1 Eye For An Eye   
D2 Centre Of The World   
D3 Citizen   
D4 Not For Me   
D5 What (?)   
D6 Negative Outlook
Eye For An Eye, Animosity and Six Songs With Mike Singing are some of the best HC from the 80s and to be honest still my favorites along with 1st cro-mags,crumb suckers, DRI,agnostic front, black flag - damaged ......and many more ....

This reissues is amazing, looks and sounds great, I am very happy to have in back in my collection again.

Mortician - Chainsaw Dismemberment dbl LP

Relapse Records
2013 Hell sheadbangers 

OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS! Comes in a gatefold cover with an Obi Strip and a large A2 poster of the cover artwork. Pressed on colored vinyl only with silkscreened artwork on side D.
Universally recognized as the most brutal band in the universe, infamous horror-lords Mortician disregard any and all pleas for mercy, suffocating the underground with Chainsaw Dismemberment, their 2nd full-length album from 1999! Force-feeding death metal mascochists 28 blood-encrusted slices of menacing, futuristic gore-grind, Will Rahmer and Roger Beaujard eradicate existing musical boundaries, taking truly depraved metal one step further in creating heinously sick, horrific slabs of shocking, decapitating death. Nearly 50 minutes in length, Chainsaw Dismemberment pulverizes and pummels while dragging the barbaric Mortician sound further into the grave as they de-tune their axes an additional two steps! Morose passages of unrelenting dementia and homicidal drum programming combine to blur the lines of metal's past with that of its future. The Tall Man's house band has returned! Let butchery begin!


Hails folks, I had a few issues logging into this blog but I now have it fixed \m/ the temp blog will NO longer be used. Invited memebers please resend me your email and I will send you new incites to this blog.  Sorry for the confustion.


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Anatomia / Necrovorous - split 7"

Doomentia Records
320ks (21mb)
.flac (84.85mb)

 Anatomia - Desolation
 Necrovorous - Eternal Soulmates

 Putrid vile Decaying Death Metal.

Pressing info:
250 copies on black vinyl (Putrid cover version)
250 copies on black vinyl (Extremely Rotten cover version)

50 copies on black/white vinyl (Putrid cover version)
50 copies on black/white vinyl (Extremely Rotten cover version)

50 copies on splatter vinyl (Putrid cover version)
50 copies on splatter vinyl (Extremely Rotten cover version) (this)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Black Plague 666 - #2

zine from thailand (written in english) released april 2007, includes interviews with
surrender of divinity
profanatica among others plus reviews.

Limited 200 copes.


Nuclear Death ‎– Bride Of Insect LP (5 Years Of Death)

Wild Rags Records
2013 The Crypt 

 LP 1
1. Necrobestiality
2. Corpse of Allegiance
3. Feral Viscera
4. Stygian Tranquility
5. Place of Skulls
6. Cremation
7. The Colour of Blood
8. The Beloved Whore Celebration
9. Feral Lament: Homesick
10. Bride of Insect
11. The Mishappen Horror
12. Vultures Feeding

LP 2
1. Shrieking Terror
2. The Seventh Nun
3. Lockjaw
4. Rigor Mortis
5. Nuclear Death
6. Necrobestiality
7. Cremation
8. The Third Antichrist
9. On Behalf of the Beast
10. A Dark Country

 The Crypt is proud to re-issue the first two albums from Arizona's cult Death metal act, NUCLEAR DEATH, Bride of Insect and Carrion for Worm. Both releases will be luxurious double vinyl sets with new liner notes, classic band photos and original artwork. Bride of Insect will feature the "Wake Me When I'm Dead" 1986 demo and "Welcome to the Minds of the Morbid" 1987 demo. Carrion for Worm will feature "A Symphony of Agony" 1987 demo and the "Vultures Feeding" 1988 demo. 

This ultimate edition will be strictly limited to a one time only pressing of 666 hand-numbered copies - 222 of which will be classic black vinyl. These killer slabs of wax come housed in 2 separate jackets with UV High Gloss Varnish, featuring the both of the original Wild Rags covers and layouts. Also included will be a 12 page- zine styled booklet with classic flyers, exclusive band photos, classic interviews, new liner notes by Lori Bravo and an introduction by Michele "Mick" Toscan / The Nuclear Abominations rag! Each gatefold will contain a huge poster of each respective original cover artwork.  

Monday, 13 January 2014


jpeg scan








171/2011 Phaholyothin Road,
Khlong tha-non, Sai Mai,
Bangkok 10220

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Goatreich 666 / Mefitic -split 10" Paintime / Poisonous Transcendece


Drakkar Productions
320ks (44mb)
.flac (116.89mb)

Limited 500 copies of pure suffocating Morbid Occult and blistering Black Metal of Death.

Interment / Brutally Deceased - split 12" Glory Days, Festering Years

Doomentia Records
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Two different bands, two different generations, two different countries but the same taste for old-school Swedish fucking death-metal!!!  

silver vinyl limited to 100 copies only / insert / uv spot printing on the jacket and black vinyl limited to 400 copies only / insert / uv spot printing on the jacket.

Tyrant / Alehammer -split 12" At war with Straightedge / Go Ahead, Raise the Dead

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1. Alehammer - City of Treason     02:35     
2. Alehammer - Fuck Off License     01:33     
3. Alehammer - Negative Vibe Merchants     01:36     
4. Alehammer - I Cadge the Furious One     01:54     
5. Alehammer - At War with Straightedge 03:12     
6. Tyrant - Go Ahead, Raise the Dead 02:13     
7. Tyrant - Hell to Pay 02:13     
8. Tyrant - I'll Burn That Bridge (Before You Can Cross It)     03:28     
9. Tyrant - Hungry Flames 03:20

Shredding release! Alehammer continue with their blend of classic uk crust and Celtic Frost/Hellhammer worshipping, heavy as hell makes all the neocrust bands look like scared little children. Featuring Scoot/Extinction of Mankind, Karl/Impulse Manslaughter and Shrew and Shrub/Prophecy of Doom. Tyrant are from Sweden and worship the swiss gods staying more on the metal side, death/black the old way influenced by Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Bathory, Merciless and Discharge. Featuring Peter/Meanwhile-Crypt of Kerberos-Macrodex, Bragman and Andreas/The Black-Vinterland and Daniel/Insision-Dellamorte.

Limited 1000 copies - 850 on black vinyl and 150 on black splattered clear orange vinyl. Gatefold cover