Thursday, 27 February 2014

Venom ‎– Welcome To Hell LP

Roadrunner Records ‎– RR 9707

A1 Sons Of Satan
A2 Welcome To Hell
A3 Schizo
A4 Mayhem With Mercy
A5 Poison
A6 Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil)
B1 Witching Hour
B2 One Thousand Days In Sodom
B3 Angel Dust
B4 In League With Satan
B5 Red Light Fever

UK Masters with their Debut. Nothing more to say or? Enjoy!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Set - Upheaval of Unholy Darkness 12"

Nuclear War Now! Productions

 1. Accursed Goathead Son 09:03     
2. The Frozen Throne of Heaven     05:08     
3. Mary, Mother of Disgust 03:12     
4. Defilement of the Trinity 04:17     
5. Blasphemy of Zion 04:32     
6. Blood of Apostles - The Eyes of... 04:59     
7. Upheaval of Unholy Darkness     12:25

 Pure Darkness, brutal yet a ton of atmosphere, Highly recommended! 
Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl with patch and sticker.

Autopsy Torment - Graveyard Creatures LP Devil Lee Rot

Die Todesrune Records / Death to Mankind

1. Entering the Graveyard 04:13    
2. Psychopath Onslaught 03:30    
3. Necromance 02:38    
4. Bloody Fury     02:25    
5. Parasite 03:06    
6. Into the Crypt of Darkness 04:16    
7. Die in Pain     03:45    
8. Masturbate the Dead04:22    
9. Slaughterhouse 02:53    
10. Blood to Survive 03:51    
11. Tormented Pain 03:41    
12. Bringer of Torment     03:30    
13. Feeble Creep 06:25    
14. Graveyard Creatures 03:29

Ancient mid paced black metal from Devil Lee Rot . limited to 500 copies with insert. 

Holocausto - De Volta ao Front LP

Cogumelo Records

 1. Miséria Humana 04:11     
2. Guerra Santa 03:13     
3. Resista 03:53     
4. Direitos Desumanos 03:31     
5. Ilusão Armada 04:06     
6. Freedom of Speech (Liberdade de Expressão)     01:53     
7. De Volta ao Front     04:00     
8. Imagens da Violência 04:20     
9. Semente do Ódio 02:00     
10. Warfare Noise 04:07   

Recorded in 2005, marks the return of Holocausto (completes 20 years of career) to their roots, with influences of the first album (Campo de Extermínio) and the same line-up of 1986. 

Necrony ‎– Severe Malignant Pustule Cassette

Not on Label

A1 Intro: Ortuo
A2 Masticator Of A Swollen Carcass
A3 Hill Of Cadavers
A4 Consuming Cartilage
B1 Decomposing Genitals
B2 Pus-Bonum-Et-Lauda-Bile
B3 Severe Malignant Pustule
B4 Outro: Ortni

Gory Carcass influenced Swedish Death Metal outfit 'Necrony' with their great Demo. Enjoy!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Asphyx ‎– Crush The Cenotaph cassette tape

Century Media ‎– CM 7723-4

A1 Crush The Cenotaph
A2 Rite Of Shades
A3 The Krusher
B1 Evocation (Live)
B2 Wasteland Of Terror (Live)

Classic Death Metal. The both live Tracks are total Killer too. This Gig must have been a total mess. Great!

Yellowgoat ‎– The Yellowgoat Sessions LP & Cassette Tape

Acid Rat Records

 01 Ascension
02 Hell's Master of Hell
03 Vengeance Spell
04 Foul Spirit Within
05 Cross Damnation
06 Grave Encounters
07 Black Order
08 The Eternal One
09 Hail to Cruelty
10 Descension

10 tracks of raw and fuzzed out Rock & Roll / Metal / Punk in the vein of the first Bathory album, Motorhead as well as pretty reminiscent of the demo days of Toxic Holocaust (specifically the Critical Mass demo). If you are looking for over produced shit that passes as Metal today this is NOT for you!! Buy or Die.
LP limited 300 black vinyl,  Second pressing on yellow vinyl. Color limited to 100 copies. I see scum on line selling this LP for $100.00. Tape version  ; Yellow tape with patch, limited to 100 copies, Black tape without patch, limited to 100 copies.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Asphyx – Mutilating Process EP

Gore Records ‎– GORE 003

A Mutilating Process
B Streams Of Ancient Wisdom

RIP Theo Loomans. In Memory of this Man you should listen to this Masterpiece of Doomy Death Metal.. mighty and eerie! Total Worship this Band in their early Days. Van Drunen is also great but Theo was pure Hell!

Blood – Ο Άγιος Πέθανε (O Agios Pethane) LP

Cryptic Visions Arts ‎– C.V.A. V

A1 Intro
A2 Kadath
A3 Cannibal Ritual
A4 Profanity
A5 Submission
A6 Sodomize The Weak
A7 Punishment
A8 Christbait
A9 Dread
A10 Wings Of Declaration
B1 By The Way Of Grace
B2 God Left The World
B3 Afsta Ta Malakja Sou
B4 Revelation
B5 Divine Seed
B6 Spasmoparalytic Dreams
B7 Lamentation
B8 Stream Of Anguish
B9 Blood For Blood
B10 Outro

1st Time ever on limited Vinyl. Crushing Death/Grind from ol' Germany. Blood are true Cult! This Release here is made with great dedication. Total Support! All copies come with regular sleeve (black print inside), printed innersleeves, heavy vinyl, 24 pages A4 fanzine (interviews, photos, reviews...), flyer... Full Volume please!!!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Execration - Odes of the Occult dbl LP

Duplicate Records

1. Ode to Obscurity     05:32     
2. Unction     05:17     
3. Entheogen     05:22     
4. †     03:11       instrumental
5. A Crutch for Consolation     10:30     
6. Soul Maggot     05:58     
7. Grains     03:51     
8. Obsession     06:00     
9. ‡     04:21       instrumental
10. Left in Scorn     06:46     
11. High Priest     04:27

 "Odes of the Occult" contains 9 tracks of vicious, evil death metal. It parts with the percussive style of previous releases in favor of a wider set of influences drawing from death metal, doom and cult black metal. In 50+ minutes, "Odes of the Occult" will make your ears bleed from dark, brutal doom-laced death metal chemically cleansed of any "modern" death metal tricks.
 LP version by Duplicate Records / Vendlus Records 2011 (500 copies)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Havohej - Dethrone the Son of God LP

Candlelight Records

Close together micro-groove cut for high fidelity at 45 RPM. Official re-release with permission from the artist. Not a bootleg. Comes packaged as a Gatefold Sleeve with cardboard sheath detailing the re-release. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl

Available on black vinyl, on picture disc with sleeve and different artwork limited to 333 copies, and as die-hard edition on white/black vinyl with patch limited to 111 copies.

The album is split into two parts:
'Christ Dethroned' (tracks 1-5, these are rerecorded versions of the tracks from Profanatica's split with Masacre (Col))
'Burning Paradise' (tracks 6-15)

Most tracks are rerecorded or possbily un-used Profanatica songs.

Released on tape by Carrion Records.

Reissued in 2004 by Supreme Art. Reissued on CD and vinyl (black and picture disc)
by Hells Headbangers Records in 2007.  

Disma - Towards the Megalith dbl lp with 7"

Profound Lore Records

1. Chaos Apparition 04:36     
2. Chasm of Oceanus 07:13     
3. Spectral Domination     04:38     
4. Vault of Membros 06:28     
5. Purulent Quest 04:35     
6. Lost in the Burial Fog 06:06     
7. Of a Past Forlorn 06:05     
8. Towards the Megalith 06:22

1. Unwept In Oblivion
2. The Dawn of Life Arises

Re-released on vinyl through Doomentia Records in 2013. There are two editions (double LP and picture LP) each stricly limited to 500 copies only. This version comes with bonus 7''EP which contains two previously unreleased songs.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Immortal - Blizzard Beasts LP re-issue

Osmose Productions

1. Intro 01:00     
2. Blizzard Beasts 02:49     
3. Nebular Ravens Winter 04:13     
4. Suns That Sank Below 02:47     
5. Battlefields 03:40     
6. Mountains of Might 06:38     
7. Noctambulant 02:22     
8. Winter of the Ages 02:33     
9. Frostdemonstorm 02:54

2010: Vinyl re-issue on Osmose, black vinyl limited to 800 copies, blue transparent to 210 & 97 transparent vinyl. 

Bathory blended with Morbid Angle = Blizzard Beasts.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Shub Niggurath – "The Kinglike Celebration" (Final Aeon On Earth) LP

Ablaze Productions ‎– ABP VINYL 001

A1 The Only One Astral Being
A2 ...From The Stars, Nyarlathotep
A3 Sub Human Immortality
A4 Abominations Of Ancient Gods
B1 Unnamable Evokation
B2 Inside The Labyrinth Of Illusion
B3 Legions From Absu
B4 Royal Demon

New Rip of this LP. This is real death metal here. Cult and twisted. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Stench Of Decay ‎– Where Death And Decay Reign 12" LP

Me Saco Un Ojo Records ‎– MSUO - 001, Detest Records ‎– DR - 005

A1 Creation Of Carnal Lust
A2 Into The Depts Of Madness
B1 Where Death And Decay Reign
B2 Vulgar Necrolatry

Finland has some good Bands today too, not as many as in the early 90s, but Quality counts more as Quantity i think. This Band here is an awsome evidence for an old scene intact! A full length is in the row i heard. Abhorrence Cover with Jukka as guest Vocals says it all. Great!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Archgoat ‎– Angelcunt (Tales Of Desecration) cassette tape

InCoffin Productions ‎– ICP-052

A1 Intro (Invocation)
A2 Rise Of The Black Moon
A3 Death And Necromancy
A4 Soulflay
A5 Black Messiah
A6 Jesus Spawn
A7 Outro (The Prophecy)
A8 Penis Perversor
A9 Thrice Damned Sodomizer (Streams Of Blood)
A10 Satanic Oath

Kult Black Metal from unholy Finland. Absolute Killer, think everyone knows this Band.
Pro-Manufactured Tape. Contains both 'Angelcunt' 12" MLP & 'Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal' 7".
Blood-Red foil-stamping forged on the Logo. Limited to 333. First 100 come with a patch. Same Program on both Sides.

Omega - The Hell Patrol LP

Heavy Metal Sturmtrupp Records / Evil Spell Records

1. Nightriders 04:47
2. Motörheadbanger 04:33
3. Beer Time 04:23
4. Out of Control 03:37
5. Speed Metal Force 03:49
6. The Hell Patrol 03:40
7. Evil Rock'N'Roll 04:20
8. Only the Devil Knows 04:19
9. Metal from Hell 04:54
10. The Church Is on Fire 03:49

 Black/Thrash/Speed Metal from Greece
For Fans of the old time Metal Punk like Venom and Motörhead

Krabathor ‎– Lies LP (Reissue)

Monster Nation ‎– MN-028

A1 The Truth About Lies
A2 Unnecessarity
A3 Short Report On The Ritual Carnage
A4 Tears, Hope And Hate
A5 Pain Of Bleeding Hearts
A6 Rebirth Of Blasphemy
B1 Imperator [Strikes Again]
B2 Stonedream
B3 Believe...
B4 Pacifistic Death
B5 The Rise Of Brutality
B6 Pain That Doesn't Hurt
B7 The Truth About Lies
B8 Unnecessarity

1st time on Vinyl! What Krabathor has done is created what might be my favorite death metal album ever. It’s classic, classy, catchy, and kicks the shit out of every death metal album released in 1995. "Rise of Brutality" 7" EP as bonus here. Great Release!

Extreme Noise Terror ‎– A Holocaust In Your Head LP

Head Eruption Records ‎– HURT 1

A1 Statement
A2 Deceived
A3 Take The Strain
A4 Conned Thru Life
A5 We The Helpless
A6 Show Us You Care
B1 Innocence To Ignorance
B2 Use Your Mind
B3 Murder
B4 Another Nail In The Coffin
B5 Raping The Earth
B6 Bullshit Propaganda
B7 If Your Only In It For The Music (S.O.D. Off!)

CRRRRUSST! Classic Shit here.. love this.. Enjoy!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Sheol - Sepulchral Ruins Below the Temple 12"

Iron Bonehead Productions

1. Spiritual Desiccation 02:16       instrumental
2. Deluge of Tehom 04:47    
3. Perpetual Descent into She'ol 06:26    
4. Katachthomb     03:00      instrumental
5. Sepulchral Ruins Below the Temple 04:19    
6. Cromlech (Darkthrone cover)     04:36    

As has lately become the label's forte, IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS unveils another new horde that will soon be taking the death metal underground by storm: שְׁאוֹל (SHEOL), which means "grave" or "abode of the dead" in Hebrew. An apt descriptor of the miasmic madness at hand across their debut 12" MLP, the aptly titled Sepulchral Ruins Below The Temple displays the duo of A.B.S. (vocals, guitar, bass) and A.H.S. (drums, guitar) as masters of burly, shapeshifting, and absolutely gutted DEATH-fucking-METAL diabolism. Nodding to the ancient cults of the early '90s whilst never once whiffing of "retro" retread, שְׁאוֹל defy and then redefine what morbidity means in the Metal of Death, imbuing their creations with a thorough understanding of the occult as well a spirituality that aims for the otherworld. Traverse the catacombs into the mass grave of mankind and roam Sepulchral Ruins Below The Temple...

for fans of  Encoffination, Wrathprayer, Father Befouled etc....

Incantation ‎– Onward To Golgotha LP (Reissue)

Relapse Records ‎– RR 6701

A1 Golgotha
A2 Devoured Death
A3 Blasphemous Cremation
A4 Rotting Spiritual Embodiment
A5 Unholy Massacre
A6 Entrantment Of Evil
B1 Christening The Afterbirth
B2 Immortal Cessation
B3 Profanation
B4 Deliverance Of Horrific Prophecies
B5 Eternal Torture

This album is a death metal masterpiece. Every single track is some of the best material that any death metal band can offer, starting with the frenzied opener Golgotha and ending with the equally heavy (and especially frenzied) Eternal Torture.
It really took all the best elements of death metal and expanded on them, creating a varied yet brutal album, one that still stands up to this day. It's a shame that the line up here only recorded this album together (and that recently released recordings from 1991).

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Goatlord - The Last Sodomy of Mary LP

Nuclear War Now! Productions

1. Gargoyle King 04:05    
2. Strange Burial 03:08    
3. Gutaba 04:10    
4. Tribe of the Moon 03:22    
5. Slayed Necros - Sacrifice 02:13    
6. Unholy Black Slut 04:28      
7. The Black Cloth 04:25    
8. Black Pools of Darkness 05:25
9. Stygian Void 05:20

The last nail in the coffin for Goatlord. Old rehearsals of what was supposed to become the second full length album, which had only been released in bootleg form until now. Not the DIEHARD version, however My copy is signed by the band \m/

Does anyone own the DIEHARD with the  bonus album? 

Armour - Death Threat / No Heaven DIEHARD 7"

Nuclear War Now! Productions

"Finland’s Armour, has proven to be among the few capable of producing genuinely satisfying classic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. Drawing on influences ranging from NWOBHM (i.e. Di’Anno era-Iron Maiden, Holocaust, etc.) to early 80′s U.S. Hard Rock and Heavy Metal (i.e. early W.A.S.P. and early Mötley Crüe), Armour’s music is every bit as inspired and primal as the sources of inspiration from which Armour derives its sound. Led by vocalist and guitarist Lauri Penttilä (a.k.a Vince “Werewolf” Venom, Werwolf, and countless other aliases) whose numerous other bands include, among many others, Satanic Warmaster – his most notorious project. While many fans may have initially been wary of hearing Black Metal musicians taking a stab at pure Heavy Metal."

Friday, 7 February 2014

Anatomia - Dead Bodies in the Morgue LP

Memento Mori / Dark Recollections Productions

 1. Morgue of Cannibalism 05:25     
2. Funeral Feast 04:42     
3. Drowned in Sewage 05:37     
4. Suicides     00:43     
5. Dead Body Art 05:08     
6. Human Lust     03:30     
7. Dying Agony     03:27     
8. Carnal Mutilation 03:25     
9. Severed Infant Waste 02:59     
10. No Way to Live 05:55     
11. Oozing Child 01:51     
12. Charred Remains 03:55     
13. Fiend for Blood 00:28

Eerie Raw Putrid  Death Metal from Japan, limited to 500 copies
Anatomia's two demos - Demo 2003 and Human Lust from 2009 - as well as a few songs from various splits and a few live tracks are collected on the 2013 compilation "Dead Bodies in the Morgue".

Cult of Fire - मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान (Ascetic Meditation of Death) cassette tape

Iron Bonehead Productions

1. संहार रक्त काली 07:56    
2. अस्तित्व की चिता पर 06:08    
3. शव साधना     05:34    
4. काली मां     06:07    
5. मृत्यु ही सत्य है 04:23    
6. मृत्यु का वीभत्स नृत्य 05:15    
7. खण्ड मण्ड योग 06:32    
8. दिव्य प्रेम की ज्वाला से दग्ध 05:38

1. Samhara Raktha Kali
2. On the Funeral Pyre of Existence
3. Shava Sadhana
4. Kali Ma
5. When Death Is All
6. Gruesome Dance of Death
7. Khanda Manda Yoga
8. Burned by the Flame of Divine Love 

Very good Czech black metal, Tape
Limited To 300 Copies

- 350 gram gatefold jacket with gloss lamination and interior flooded in black.
- 12 page booklet on 350 gram paper with gloss lamination glued into the gatefold jacket.
- A2 poster on 150 gram art paper gloss.
- 100 copies pressed on red splatter vinyl, another 100 on blue splatter, and remaining on regular 12" LP.

- Pro-printed black tapes with on-body print.
- Pro-printed two sided full color cover.
- Limited to 300 copies.

My Dying Bride ‎– As The Flower Withers LP (Reissue)

Peaceville - VILELP479

A1 Silent Dance
A2 Sear Me
A3 The Forever People
A4 The Bitterness And The Bereavement
B1 Vast Choirs
B2 The Return Of The Beautiful

It's not everyday that I listen to such bands like My Dying Bride because listening to this kind of music will (and I mean WILL) get you depressed... real fast. In My Dying Bride's case, this is a good thing. 2013er 180gm heavyweight vinyl edition. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Hypocrisy ‎– Osculum Obscenum 2LP Reissue

Floga Records ‎– FL45

Hypocrisy "Osculum Obscenum"
A1 Pleasure Of Molestation
A2 Exclamation Of A Necrofag
A3 Osculum Obscenum
A4 Necronomicon
A5 Black Metal
B1 Inferior Devoties
B2 Infant Sacrifices
B3 Attachment To The Ancestor
B4 Althotas
Taken From The Album "Inferior Devoties" (MCD)
C1 Symbol Of Baphomet
C2 Mental Emotions
C3 God Is A Lie
C4 Black Magic
Taken From The Album "Pleasure Of Molestation" (MCD)
D1 Pleasure Of Molestation (Demo)
D2 Exclamation Of A Necrofag (Demo)
D3 Necronomicon (Demo)
D4 Attachment To The Ancestor (Demo)

Only the best stuff on this 2LP Re-Release. Heavy Shit. Enjoy!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Samael - Worship Him LP Reissue

Osmose Productions
2010  Century Media

A1 Sleep Of Death     3:44
A2 Worship Him 6:30
A3 Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom 5:05
A4 Morbid Metal     4:55
A5 Rite Of Cthulhu 2:02
B1 The Black Face     3:30
B2 Into The Pentagram 6:47
B3 Messenger Of The Light     2:42
B4 Last Benediction 1:23
B5 The Dark 4:29

Printed picture and inner sleeve incl. lyrics. Pressed on translucent green 180 grams heavyweight vinyl. No barcode on this release.
Limited to 100 copies.

Horrified ‎– In The Garden Of Unearthly Delights LP (reissue)

Floga Records ‎– FL71

A1 The Awakening
A2 Elisaph
A3 Early Dawn Enraged
A4 Crawling Silence
A5 Down At The Valley Of The Great Encounter
A6 Dying Forest
A7 Baptised In Veneral Blood
B1 Poetry Of War
B2 Unbridled God
B3 Dancing Next To Dying Souls
B4 Seperial Dominion (Bonus Track)
B5 Astral Submersion (Bonus Track)

What a great Re-Release on holy Vinyl. I got the original "Eternal God" 12" from them in the 90s but miss totally the Full Length. A great piece of Doom/Death Metal from the old greek scene. Get this piece of great Music. New Coverart is ok.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Voivod - War and Pain cassette tape

Metal Blade Records /  Banzai

1. Voivod 04:19    
2. Warriors of Ice 05:10    
3. Suck Your Bone 03:39      
4. Iron Gang     04:21    
5. War and Pain 04:59      
6. Blower 02:45      
7. Live for Violence 05:16      
8. Black City     05:12      
9. Nuclear War     07:01

One of the greatest debut albums in Metal History.

Voivod - Killing Technology cassette tape

Noise Records (closed)

1. Killing Technology 07:33      
2. Overreaction 04:45      
3. Tornado 06:02      
4. Forgotten in Space 06:10      
5. Ravenous Medicine 04:23    
6. Order of the Blackguards 04:28      
7. This Is Not an Exercise 06:18

No description necessary , This is fucking VoiVod. Worship the 1st three VoiVod albums.

Voivod - Rrröööaaarrr Cassette Tape

Noise Records /  Banzai

1. Korgüll the Exterminator 04:58      
2. Fuck Off and Die 03:36    
3. Slaughter in a Grave 04:04    
4. Ripping Headaches 03:12      
5. Horror 04:11    
6. Thrashing Rage 04:32    
7. The Helldriver 03:43      
8. Build Your Weapons     04:44      
9. To the Death 05:08

No description necessary , This is fucking VoiVod!

Ripped from my Banzai cassette tape.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Funereal Moon - Evil Night of Heresy cassette tape

Guttural Records / Darkness Shade Records

1. Misa Negra (Intro) 01:01    
2. Unholy Goat of the Necro Abyss 02:55    
3. Four String Flagellation 04:05    
4. Morador del Infierno 03:17    
5. Exhume the Corpse of Their Fake Saviour 03:07    
6. Excremento de Demonios 03:11    
7. Make Them Die Slowly 02:21    
8. Black Noise Apokalypse 04:51    
9. Sangre Menstrual y Veneno de Serpientes 04:05    
10. Infernal Night of Torment     02:56    
11. Evil Fornication     03:03    
12. Forzada a Tragar el Semen de la Cabra 02:32    
13. After the Ceremony (Outro)     01:07 

 limited to 100 copies on pro-duplicated red tapes. First 50 comes with art-booklet and poster. 
Raw evil twisted Black Metal from Mexico.

Gasmask Terrör ‎– Black Sun / Fake Gold 12"

Solar Funeral

A1 No Mistake
A2 Pour L'Exemple
A3 The Cult
A4 Vatican S.S.
A5 Homesick For Hell
B1 40 Years
B2 This Is The Wolf Age
B3 Grey Sky Forever
B4 Négatif
B5 Hate Will Prevail
B6 Payday

Blistering D-BEAT, CRUST HC punk.

Gasmask Terrör ‎– 17101961 7"

Solar Funeral

A1 Stab    
A2 Octobre Rouge    
B1 Terror Mongers    
B2 La Corde Au Cou

From the unsung country of France, here is a scorching new offering from GASMASK TERRÖR, fit to sit amongst the best of their catalog. I would put this in line with some of their most ripping output, the Black Sun / Fake Gold 12”, the Architects Of Death 7” and the Like Daggers 7”. France actually has a rich history of great punk and hardcore, from bands like Camera Silens, Kidnap, Heimat-Los to the underdog bands of our modern times like State Poison, Warning//Warning, Kalte Lust and La Fraction. GASMASK TERRÖR’s relentless onslaught of smashing d-beats, riffs and bleeding throat vocals demands a place at the table.

Goat Tyrant / Doombringer - split 7" The Darkside's Calling into the Crypts of Oblivion

Grave Ritual Productions

Doombringer - Crypts of Oblivion
Goat Tyrant - The Darkside's Calling
Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl housed in gatefold cover.
Two of the current, finest hordes hailing from Poland have decided to gather in impious communion. Prepare to be drowned by the stench of death for the gates of the Crypts of Oblivion have been closed behind you

Doombringer are  CULTES DES GHOULES and BESTIAL RAIDS members.


Beherit - The Oath of Black Blood DIEHARD PIC LP

Turbo Music (closed)
Kneel Before the Master's Throne Records (Closed??)

Go to Hells headbangers to buy Beherit stuff.


1. Intro: Temple     00:58       instrumental
2. Metal of Death     00:54      
3. The Oath of Black Blood     02:41    
4. Grave Desecration     02:02      
5. Witchcraft     03:13    
6. Goat Worship     01:55    
7. Demonomancy     02:22    
8. Black Mass Prayer     01:15       instrumental
9. Beast of Damnation     04:07    
10. Hail Sathanas     01:47    
11. Dawn of Satan's Millennium     04:46

DHPLP re-released 2011 by Kneel Before the Master's Throne Records 200 copies with a DIY sheet, patch, A1 poster, A6 sticker and a glossy jacket, 800 regular PLP with a glossy jacket, limited to 1000 copies.

Turbo Music sent a small sum of money(50€) for studio time in the beginning of '90 to record "The Oath of Black Blood" album; back then you couldn’t record an album for less than a few hundred euros, so Turbo Music decided to release the "Demonomancy" demo along with "Dawn of Satan's Millennium" 7'' as a full length. To this day it is still widely regarded as their first album.

Beherit - Drawing Down the Moon cassette tape

Spinefarm Records / JL America / Spinefarm Records

1.Intro (Tireheb) 00:44      
2.Salomon's Gate 03:42    
3.Nocturnal Evil 02:53    
4.Sadomatic Rites 04:07      
5.Black Arts     03:33      
6.The Gate of Nanna 04:15      
7.Nuclear Girl     01:32       instrumental
8.Unholy Pagan Fire 03:53    
9.Down There... 02:36      
10.Summerlands     03:20    
11.Werewolf, Semen and Blood 03:08    
12.Thou Angel of the Gods 02:22    
13.Lord of Shadows and Goldenwood 03:23

slow,mid tempo with some fast sections,This is primitive evil nasty Satanic Black Metal at it's best. This is ripped from my JL America cassette tape, Enjoy the Ancient sounds of the early 1990s.

Sadistik Exekution - We Are Death Fukk You LP reissue

Osmose Productions ‎– OPLP022

A1 Suspiral
A2 Burnt Offerings
A3 Internal Klok
A4 Ipsissimus
A5 Electrokution
B1 Evoke War Vomit
B2 Mathematikus
B3 Astral Abortis
B4 Lest We Forget
B5 Hades Valley
B6 Bastard Bass (Untitled Bonus Track)

Musically, the “SadEx quirks” of later albums start to appear here on this album. “Mathematikus” features one of Dave Slave’s trademark bass solos (which should actually be trademarked, they’re that cool) as well as the first screaming of “FUKK!” (the previously mentioned line in “Internal Klok”). Sloth’s drumming focuses more and more on the intense blasting that would later dominate the “Fukk” albums and Reverand Kriss Hades’ signature guitar work starts to dominate the overall feel of the album. More technical than it’s predecessor, “We are Death…” is also more chaotic. It’s where Sadistik Exekution started to truly carve their own little niche on metal, and despite the differing sound bump, I love it.