Sunday, 30 March 2014

Purtenance ‎– Awaken From Slumber LP

Label: Xtreem Music ‎– XM 135 LP
Format: LP
Country: Spain
Released: 2013
Bitrate: 320ks

A1 Intro
A2 Hatred
A3 What Was Hidden
A4 Toxic Death
A5 Field Of Terror
A6 Vaikka Paahtuisin Tulessa
A7 End For The Parasites (Called Humankind)
B1 Hour Of The Cannibal
B2 Temptation Of Suicide
B3 Risen From Grave
B4 Endless Abyss (Outro)

Awsome Comeback Album after all these Years. Very Dark and Brutal Death Metal here with the old Spirit alive! Limited edition of 100 copies in black wax with gold splatter exclusively available through the Xtreem Music mailorder!

Portal - Vexovoid LP

Profound Lore Records

1. Kilter 05:46      
2. The Back Wards 04:16      
3. Curtain 05:57      
4. Plasm 05:47      
5. Awryeon 04:21      
6. Orbmorphia 02:40      
7. Oblotten 05:16

True death metal horror once again unleashed, Australia’s surrealist death metal enigmas PORTAL emerge with their most dense-sounding opus to date. “Vexovoid” takes the singular sound PORTAL defined with their inception over 15 years ago and once again takes the death metal paradigm, tears it inside-out and inverts it to create a twisted sonic amalgam of your worst nightmare manifested.

A vision of pure dread, psychosis, and dementia framed and projected from carrion flesh celluloid upon the feeble mortal coil.

Featuring artwork by none other than Rev. Kriss Hades.

True death metal horror once again unleashed, Australia’s surrealist death metal enigmas PORTAL emerge with their most dense-sounding opus to date. “Vexovoid” takes the singular sound PORTAL defined with their inception over 15 years ago and once again takes the death metal paradigm, tears it inside-out and inverts it to create a twisted sonic amalgam of your worst nightmare manifested.

A vision of pure dread, psychosis, and dementia framed and projected from carrion flesh celluloid upon the feeble mortal coil.

Featuring artwork by none other than Rev. Kriss Hades - See more at:

Slaughtbbath - Hail to Fire LP

Chalice of Blood Angel Productions now CRYPTIC VISIONS ARTS.

Released in Gatefold LP + Insert by Chalice of Blood Angel Productions. Limited to 500 copies.

Forever Winter - Demo 2002 cassette tape

192ks (old rip)

1. Heritage in Blood          
2. The Chosen Few          
3. 12 Gauge Solution          
4. Hymn to the Gods of War          
5. Spiritus Sanctus          
6. Outro        
7. Breaking the Law 

Pretty good blackened Heavy Metal by Impious Havoc, Death spawned Destroyer members. very old rip.

Black Plague - Under the Black Flame cassette tape

Hell War Productions (closed?)
160ks (old rip)

1. Backstabber 02:21    
2. Venomous Fuel 01:56    
3. Buried In Rust 03:47    
4. Black Flame 03:48

raw primitive black metal, Another very old rip from 2005.

Nihilistic Kaos / War Blasphemy - split cassette tape

War Productions
192ks (old rip)

1. Nihilistic Kaos - Necro Sad     04:17     
2. Nihilistic Kaos - Smudge of Semen 04:10     
3. Nihilistic Kaos - Dead 03:02     
4. Nihilistic Kaos - Comtemplations Sadiques 03:54     
5. Nihilistic Kaos - Ad Honores (New Mix 2004)    02:26     
6. Nihilistic Kaos - Demence (New Mix 2003) 02:41     
7. Nihilistic Kaos - Deviant Christ 02:49     
8. War Blasphemy - Intro: Oracao Ao Enfermo 02:53     
9. War Blasphemy - Journey Towards the Dark Side 06:10     
10. War Blasphemy - The Prophecy of the Apocalypse 06:45     
11. War Blasphemy - Atomic Nuclear Desolation (Blasphemy cover)     01:17       Show lyrics
12. War Blasphemy - Hate 02:58     
13. War Blasphemy - Holy Raping (Fucked Up Version) 03:00

Limited 300 copies.
Here is an old rip of mine from 2005, you can still buy this tape HERE

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Morbosidad / Sadomator - split 7'' Rites of Desecration

Iron Bonehead Productions

limited to 1000 copies.

hell has opened up its gates.

Sadomator - Sadomatic Goat Cult pic LP

Iron Bonehead Productions

1. Sadomator Goat (Outro) 01:22     
2. Incest and Brutality 01:02     
3. Urine Injected in Cunt 02:10     
4. Sadomatic Goat Cult 02:14     
5. Baphomet's Vomit 04:32     
6. A Thousand Young 01:42     
7. Nuclear Paradise 02:19     
8. Hitler's Brain (Intro) 00:40     
9. Ripped by the Goat (Outro) 00:37     
10. Emetic Womb of Christ 01:57     
11. Sexual Metalcoholocaust 02:57     
12. Phosphorous Heavenly Grace     01:57     
13. Phallus Goat Hammer 01:01     
14. Goat Storm Capristallation     02:41     
15. The Morbid Savouring 01:11     
16. Into Mental Goatifixion - Atomic Nuclear Desolation 04:11

IBP 029
LP limited to 500 copies (50 die-hard copies that came with a shirt, pin, patch and a poster, also containing a hidden bonus track(Atomic Nuclear Desolation (Blasphemy cover) at the end of side B(not mentioned on back sleeve).

Waldorf from Aquilus (Australia) performed the electronics.

Re-released in 2010 as picture LP limited to 500 copies.

For fans of filthy war goat metal like  Ancient Goat masters; Beherit, Blasphemy, Sarcofago, Profanatica, Abhorer etc....

 Formerly known as Sadogoat. They changed their name to Sadomator in 2005 but a few more releases under the name Sadogoat came out after the name change.

Obituary ‎– Cause Of Death LP

Label: Roadracer Records ‎– RO 9370-1
Format: LP
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1990
Bitrate: 320ks

A1 Infected
A2 Body Bag
A3 Chopped In Half
A4 Circle Of The Tyrants
B1 Dying
B2 Find The Arise
B3 Cause Of Death
B4 Memories Remain
B5 Turned Inside Out

Masterpiece of OSDM incl. James Murphy. Enjoy this fucker LOUD!!!

Venom – Possessed LP

Combat ‎– MX 8022

A1 Powerdrive
A2 Flytrap
A3 Satanachist
A4 Burn This Place (To The Ground)
A5 Harmony Dies
A6 Possessed
B1 Hell Child
B2 Moonshine
B3 Wing And A Prayer
B4 Suffer Not The Children
B5 Voyeur
B6 Mystique
B7 Too Loud (For The Crowd)

Great Album. Same evil spirit as the first Albums. Enjoy it loud!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Portal - Swarth Cassette tape

Profound Lore Records

1. Swarth 04:15    
2. Larvae 04:26     
3. Illoomorpheme 03:16     
4. The Swayy 05:22     
5. Writhen 04:51     
6. Omenknow 03:03     
7. Werships 08:36     
8. Marityme 06:53

Re-released by Hells Headbangers Records in September 2011 as 3-sided 12" gatefold double LP
with etched artwork on side 4. Comes in a deluxe case-wrapped gatefold cover with a 16 page booklet affixed to the inside of the
(All copies have a small tear around the staple area of the inner booklet).

With the cost of vinyl and the outrageous cost of shipping of vinyl I find myself buying some more stuff on cassette tape format as of late. 

 Dissonant and dismal death metal twisted unsane head pounding madness.

re-released on cassette tape by Darkness Attacks Records in conjunction with Parasitic Records in 2013.
Limited to 300 copies.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cadaver ‎– Hallucinating Anxiety LP

Necrosis Records ‎– NECRO 004

A1 Tuba (Intro)
A2 Ignominious Eczema
A3 Corrosive Delirium
A4 Erosive Fester
A5 Hallucinating Anxiety
A6 Cannibalistic Dissection
A7 Hypertrophyan
B1 Petrified Faces
B2 Innominate
B3 Twisted Collapse
B4 Abnormal Deformity
B5 Maelstrom
B6 Mental Abherrance
B7 Bodily Trauma

Correct Tracklisting and all Tracks only on Vinyl. Cult!

Dismember ‎– Like An Ever Flowing Stream LP

Nuclear Blast ‎– NB 047

A1 Override Of The Overture
A2 Soon To Be Dead
A3 Bleed For Me
A4 And So Is Life
B1 Dismembered
B2 Skin Her Alive
B3 Sickening Art
B4 In Death's Sleep

Ripped from 1st press Release this is the Epitome of Swedish Death Metal besides the old Stuff of Carnage and Nihilist. It never gets boring! Absolute Masterpiece on black Vinyl. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cryptopsy ‎– Blasphemy Made Flesh LP (Reissue)

War On Music ‎– WOM037

A1 Defenestration
A2 Abigor
A3 Open Face Surgery
A4 Serial Messiah
A5 Born Headless
B1 Swine Of The Cross
B2 Gravaged (A Cryptopsy)
B3 Memories Of Blood
B4 Mutant Christ
B5 Pathological Frolic

It's a pretty good album, still one of the cooler technical death metal ones that I like to listen to, and if you’re a fan of the genre, (or especially a fan of this band, old or new) I'd recommend at least one listen all the way through, because then you'll know, these guys(at least before they became really, really bad Deathcore) really put all their talent into their work, and have great abilities to create brutal and complex musical masterpieces that anyone with an open mind and true appreciation and understanding of music can really enjoy, that is, to say the least.
This Reissue comes with the original Artwork!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mütiilation ‎– Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn) LP (Unofficial Release)


Drakkar Productions

This is the 2011 Unofficial Release version on Ironfist Records
 GO BUY THE Official Drakkar Productions Reissues.      I've ordered mine \m/

A1 The Eggs Of Melancholy 5:20
A2 New False Prophet 6:58
A3 The Hanged Priest 5:11
A4 Curse My Funeral 3:52
B1 Inferi Ira Ductus 5:00
B2 A Dream 1:59
B3 Black Millenium 4:59
B4 No Mercy For Humans     4:19
B5 Black As Lead And Death  1:19

The controversial vinyl release on Drakkar Productions, France. Comes with a printed inner sleeve.
After a four year hiatus from the previous albums, MUTIILATION returned to unleash one last album of occult underground black metal. "Black Millenium" is a dark, misanthropic, and amazing masterpiece of black metal that will drive your soul straight into the pit of sorrowful hell!


Doombringer - Ancient Abominations LP Cultes des Ghoules Bestial Raids

Societas Oculorum Arcanorum

1. Descending into the Pit     02:34      
2. Red Vapour Fills the Skull of the Cadaver     04:26      
3. Abhorrent Dreams     05:53      
4. ...of the Ancient Curse     04:34      
5. Darkside Calls     06:33       Show lyrics
6. Crossing the Path of Final Rite     06:45      
7. Sacrificial Worship of Alyah     06:10      
8. Bones of Sorcerer     08:28

Dark Occultist Black Death Metal from Poland featuring members of Cultes des Ghoules and Bestial Raids. Compiles the bands two legendary demos.
I think the LP is pretty much sold out everywhere now? But I highly recommend you search it out.


Monday, 17 March 2014

Therion ‎– Of Darkness LP

Deaf Records ‎– DEAF 6

A1 The Return
A2 Asphyxiate With Fear
A3 Morbid Reality
A4 Megalomaniac
B1 A Suburb To Hell
B2 Genocidal Raids
B3 Time Shall Tell
B4 Dark Eternity

Did Therion play death metal? The answer can be quite shocking but it’s “yes”. Like Sentenced, for example, and other bands, also Therion started off as a death metal act to turn into something more acoustic and always less extreme as the time passed by. This “…Of Darkness” album is a dark piece of gloom death metal that has also some more dark and ritualistic passages. Lots of parts reminded me Cemetary because they are doomy with the keyboard sounds to fill the air with a sense of decadence and pure darkness.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Undergang - Søm Til Din Ligkiste LP

Me Saco Un Ojo Records

 Afrevne Lemmer

Crushing Ancient Death Metal  from Denmark.

Morbid - December Moon - Rehearsal (Year Of The Goat) LP

century media records

 December Moon Demo
A1 My Dark Subconscious   
A2 Wings Of Funeral   
A3 From The Dark   
A4 Disgusting Semla   
Kallbrand - Rehearsal Trax
B1 My Dark Subconscious   
B2 Wings Of Funeral   
B3 Tragic Dream / From The Dark   
B4 Citythrasher   
B5 Deathexecution   
B6 Disgusting Semla

The definite MORBID release. 100% official. For the first time. For the last time ...
Over 2 decades after the sad demise of Per Yngve Ohlin (better known as “Dead”) Century Media Records released “Year Of The Goat”, a historical anthology of Swedish death and black metal pioneers MORBID. Created in close cooperation with the band's past members and featuring an extensive interview with Dr. Schitz (taken from Slayer Mag), a historical overview written by Daniel Ekeroth (author of "Swedish Death Metal") as well as stunning artwork and layout by Erik Danielsson of WATAIN, "Year Of The Goat" is an essential lesson in Swedish metal violence.

Rip with full booklet scan \m/

Anatomia / Living Decay - split 7"

Dark Descent Records

A1.Anatomia - Undead Horrors
B1.Living Decay - Mass Grave

Japan's death/doom freaks, Anatomia, team up with Georgia's (US) young death metal sensations, Living Decay, to bring you two new tracks  clocking in around six 13 minutes. Two editions: black vinyl with a black/white glue pocket and insert and the limited neon color vinyl with a neon color glue pocket.


Saturday, 15 March 2014

Hadez ‎– Aquelarre LP

Brutal Records (closed)
Iron Pegasus Records

A1 Intro / Human Extinction    
A2 A Cult To The Everlasting Badness    
A3 Form Designed To The Evil    
A4 Little Crown Abomination    
A5 Dark Language Of A Supreme God    
B1 A Sect At The End Of The Abyss    
B2 Drunk With The Blood Of The Saints    
B3 The Oracle Of The Bleeding Head    
B4 Aquelarre    
B5 The End    
B6 Caligula    
B7 Altar Of Sacrifice

Originally released by Brutal Records in 1993. B6 and B7 are bonus tracks, recorded live in Lima, Peru, 1991.
The back cover omits mention of the title track and the outro, both are however on the record.
Limited to 666 handnumbered copies - first 111 copies on red vinyl and last 555 copies on black vinyl.

Evil black metal from South American, 1993 the Glory years of Black Metal Hell. For fans of Mystifier and Sarcófago.


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Emperor - As The Shadows Rise 12"

Hammerheart Records - HHR2014-11

A1 The Ancient Queen
A2 Witches Sabbath
A3 Lord Of The Storms

As the Shadows Rise is a worthwhile E.P. and is highly recommended for fans of early Emperor! 20 yrs later released on 12" MLP with B Side etched. Limited to 666 pcs and with CD as Bonus. Killer Release!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Celtic Frost ‎– To Mega Therion LP

Noise ‎– N 0031

A1 Innocence And Wrath
A2 The Usurper
A3 Jewel Throne
A4 Dawn Of Megiddo
A5 Eternal Summer
B1 Circle Of The Tyrants
B2 (Beyond The) North Winds
B3 Fainted Eyes
B4 Tears In A Prophet's Dream
B5 Necromantical Screams

The words To Mega Therion translate from Greek to the great beast, which fits this kind of music perfectly as it has a huge, dark, and ominous sound, which became one of the most important albums in the history of metal, inspiring some of the best artists each of those genre’s most important artists like Nile, S.O.D, Mayhem, Sepultura, Emperor, Obituary, Gorgoroth etc., to name a few.
This album is a masterpiece of extreme metal and one that all fans of extreme metal should own.

Ride for Revenge - Wisdom of the Few LP

Bestial Burst / Northern Heritage

1. Ghostship     01:31     
2. Wisdom of the Few 03:22     
3. No Saviour No Return 07:17     
4. Dungeons of the Original Sin 04:14     
5. Dedicated to Destruction 04:49     
6. The Key of Knowledge 04:13     
7. Passages for Greater self 02:36     
8. Morning Won't Bring a Twinkling Star 12:03     
9. Justification / The Circle Remains Closed 04:06

Heaviest and darkest black metal ritual emerging from Finland

Harald Mentor     All instruments, Vocals (2001-present)
Flooded Church of Asmodeus, Militaris-tic, ex-Conjuration, ex-Incriminated, ex-Irritate, Siviilimurha, Will Over Matter, ex-Malicious Death, ex-Goatmoon (live), ex-Nailgunner, ex-Katastrofialue

J. Pervertor     Guitars (2010-present)
Militaris-tic, Goatmoon (live), Neutron Hammer, ex-Crosswrecker, ex-Butcher's Block, ex-Vitsaus (live), ex-Sacrificial Dagger

Undergang - Til Døden Os Skiller LP

Xtreem Music

1. Opløste Ådsler 05:47    
2. Håbet Er Ligblegt 06:10    
3. Rådden Messe 04:34    
4. Stranguleret 06:24    
5. Ormeorgie     06:19    
6. Når Børnene Dør 04:23    
7. Til Døden Os Skiller 06:09    
8. Kadavermarch 07:42

Putrid rotting Death Metal from Denmark,  ROTTREVORE, MYTHIC, early GRAVE (demos), CREMATORY, AUTOPSY, INCANTATION, MORTICIAN...!! Get this danish sick Doomladen masterpiece of brutality now!!


Undergang - Indhentet af Døden LP

Me Saco Un Ojo Records

1. Englemagersken     00:34     
2. Dødshymne     05:25     
3. Opslugt af Mørket     04:29     
4. Evigt Lidende     04:21     
5. Tvangstanker     05:07     
6. Forkullede Rester     05:08     
7. De Dødes Passage     01:24     
8. Indhentet af Døden     05:03

- 1st pressing on self-released promo tapes 100 copies pressed.
- Second pressing on vinyl, released on January 16, 2010 by Me Saco Un Ojo Records from London, U.K. 400 copies on black vinyl,
 100 copies on brown vinyl .
- 3rd pressing on CD with different cover art was released in February 2011 by Xtreem Music.
- 3rd pressing on vinyl, released in August 2013 by Me Saco Un Ojo Records, 200 copies on "glow-in-the-dark" vinyl.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bestial Raids - Order of Doom 7"

self (demo tape)
Bird of Ill Omen Recordings (7" vinyl)

1. Misanthropic Obsession    
2. Order of Doom        
3. Neocenturian Legion        
4. Humagony

sold out Bestial blackened war death from Poland, One of my favorites.

Bestial Mockery - A Sign of Satanic Victory 7"

Warlord Records (closed)

1. Blackened Death        
2. Fucking Dike     
3. Circumsing Vagina (with Bottle the Blunt)    
4. Bloodstained in Necronorth

Long sold out brutal war metal violence from Sweden.

Witchrist - The Grand Tormentor LP

Osmose Productions

1. Into the Arms of Yama 09:52     
2. The Grand Tormentor     04:17     
3. Meditation for Sacrifice 05:45     
4. Wasteland of Thataka 01:36   
5. Exile 03:34     
6. Beyond Darkness and Death 05:32     
7. The Tomb 05:26     
8. Tandava 02:52     
9. Cast into Fire 02:42     
10. Funeral Lotus 09:53

Limited edition under gatefold cover 350 gram mat varnish, double red, white and black vinyl versions, 180 gram. A5 booklet 16 pages under uncoated art paper.   

Extreme suffocating Death Metal from New Zeland. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sentenced ‎– Death Metal Orchestra From Finland 3xCassette

Century Media ‎– 9981341

When Death Joins Us
A1 Hallucinations
A2 When Death Joins Us
A3 Shadows Of The Past
B1 Obscurity...
B2 Desperationed Future
Rotting Ways To Misery
C1 Rotting Ways To Misery
C2 Disengagement
C3 Suffocated Beginning Of Life
D1 Under The Suffer
D2 Descending Curtain Of Death
D3 The Truth
Journey To Pohjola
E1 Wings
F1 In Memoriam
F2 Mythic Silence (As They Wander In The Mist)

The Ultimate Release from Century Media. Old school Finnish Death Metal at its best. This Release contains replicas of the original 1st 3 Demos and the same on 10" Vinyl, all saved in a handnumbered Box.
The rip here is comin from the Tapes included in this Package. Highly Recommended for the old Farts like me ;) RIP Miika Tenkula

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Carpathian Forest - Through Chasm, Caves And Titan Woods LP

***Picture is from Peaceville Records***

The 90s were an incredible time for new and inspiring music no matter the genre.
In Black Metal more bands were trying newer things, opting for atmosphere over brutality all the while retaining that cold, bleak sound. Carpathian Forest were unique in that respect from the band they later became.

When this EP first came out... it seemed as though I had waited an age for its release having had listened to the dubbed tapes of "Bloodlust & Perversion" and "Journey..." a mate of mine gave me years before.

Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods was originally released by Avantgarde Music in 1995 on CD and that same year on Vinyl by Damnation Records (Closed).
It was also reissued on vinyl by Perverted Taste on 7" and again on CD by Peaceville in 2008.
It was not until 2013 some 8 years after its original release that it saw a proper vinyl release again thanks to Peaceville which is where this rip is from. The sound has not been altered in any way from the original.

This release features the perfect mix of both their demos on one release that left me wanting and hoping for a full length of the same calibre, which never came. Some may disagree but I do not care. The band today to me bares no similarity to the band I grew up listening to.

So here is a brilliant testament once again available on vinyl for the first time since 1995 thanks to Peaceville Records a classic atmospheric true norwegian black metal played as it fucking well should be!
Do not be a cheap bastard and BUY IT NOW!

Source: Vinyl.
Genre: Black Metal.
Country: Norway.
Length: 18.11.
Quality: MP3 V0.
Size: 32.9MB


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Incarceration - Sacrifice ep

F.D.A. Rekotz

01- Forsaken And Forgotten
02- Sacrifice
03- Cemetery Of Lies

INCARCERATION was formed 2010 in Brazil and moved to the north of Germany to spread the unholy plague inspired by the fastest riffs of Nihilist, Repugnant, early Sepultura or Sadistic Intent. Classic necrotic death metal straight to the bone with lyrics about existence, suffering and death.

Cassette limited to 100 copies.
Also released on September 27th, 2013, on 7" vinyl by Dawnbreed Records, limited to 500 copies. 100 white (including patch) and 400 black, all hand numbered.
CD version was released by Misanthropic Records & Dawnbreed Records limited to 500 copies.

Precaria - demo tape


1. La Obra Negra Deicida 05:50      
2. Expiate de Toda Creencia 05:46      
3. Crímenes a la Doctrina Celestial 08:58      
4. Suicidio Colectivo de las Religiones 10:00

Self-recorded and produced in March (Tracks 1, 2) and November (Tracks 3, 4), 2004.
Released in December 2004 to 25 tape copies via Desavenencia.
Reissued in late 2005 to 35 Cd copies with the tracks remastered.

Music for the misanthrope.

Precaria is an anti-human, anti-moral, anti-social and anti-religious chaotic black metal act,
a manifestation of life conditions in extreme poverty, violence, failed state, moral desequilibrium
and narcotraffic, hatred towards religions, political systems, societies and everything that sustains
the foundations of humanity, its about the madness, sickness and decadence of mankind.

Precaria is an emissary of death for those who are part of the common echelons as it supports
the elimination of human residuum and the rise of the illuminated race, the hermits that walk the
opposite path of the human flow, those who emancipated from life's slag and consider themselves as
their own gods instead of following 'religions', that are the perdition of the being.

Hellhammer ‎– Apocalyptic Raids 12" (reissue)

back on black

A1 The Third Of The Storms (Evoked Damnation) 2:57
A2 Massacra 2:51
A3 Triumph Of Death 9:32
B1 Horus / Aggressor 4:29
B2 Revelations Of Doom     2:51
B3 Messiah 4:33

Tracks A1 to B1 previously released as "Apocalyptic Raids" EP (1984)
Tracks B2 & B3 previously released on "Death Metal" compilation (1984) 

Hellhammer were rather criticized when they appeared in 1983, a lot of people didn't get their raw and extreme sound. However, some people did appreciate this Swiss band: the people who went on to form the modern black metal scene (for example the drummer from Mayhem took their name as his own).

They only released two demos and a 12" before they split up in 1984, however two of the members went on to form another band that was very influential to modern black metal: Celtic Frost.

Moonblood - From Hell Boxset (1st Press) Rip

***The Above picture is not mine. However the rip below is definitely mine - .***

Last year the Patrick and the awesome people from Iron Bonehead Records released a really comprehensive anthology from the undergrounds most sought after band... Moonblood.

The release compiled a slew of long out of print releases, remastered them (no not loudness war) and put them in a convenient box aptly titled From Hell... The Years Of Heresy.

Housed in a heavy card box pressed with silver foil ink and featuring an 8 Page Booklet containing extensive and impressive liner notes and lyrics.
Each LP has its own sleeve with new artwork with silver UV gloss print.

To say that this boxset was long awaited is an understatement. I am sure that many fans of Moonblood like myself have been waiting for such a release for sometime. Limited to 999 copies worldwide it sold out fast.

The only issue I have with it is that Blut & Krieg is not included that would have made this box set complete in my eyes, barring of course the 200 odd rehearsal songs that are floating around on 60th generation dubbed tapes in peoples basements.

So since this coming out last year a 2nd press has been made not long ago released January 2014 it is still available so do not be a cheap bastard and go support a great label BUY IT NOW!

My rip is V0 for you mp3 nerds out there it is completely tagged with artwork.
If you are going to put this on your blog like many before you atleast give me some kind of credit.
Black Pentacle and Frost Domain I am looking at you.

The rip is in 4 parts so get each one in order to listen to it.

Source: Vinyl.
Length: Roughly 3 Hours.
Genre: Black Metal.
Country: Germany.
Quality: MP3 V0 VBR
Size: 385MB

Sorry folks, Had to remove links. (Von)

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mourning – Greetings From Hell LP

Terror From Hell Records - TFH 33

A1 Intro / Arma Satani
A2 Sweet Dreams
A3 Demon's Dance
A4 Territorial
A5 Denial Of Your Destiny
B1 Only War And Hell
B2 What?
B3 Deranged Or Dead
B4 Buried With The Dead
B5 Get AIDS And Die

Limited edition of 300 copies. 
Comes in gatefold cover sleeve. 
Sold through the Elektroplasma Musik website. 

An ancient perl of Dutch Doom Death Metal, originally released in 1992 only on CD. 
46 long minutes of intense feeling, the same feeling of Acrostichon, Beyond Belief, Asphyx, Eternal Solstice, Sempiternal Deathreign, Delirium.

Cemetery Piss - Rest in Piss cassette tape

Vaginal Apocalypse Productions

1. Rest in Piss   
2. Faith of Bloodshed      
3. My Inexorable Compulsion         
4. Blood Religion

 Dirty, filthy blackened metal punk, Kind of like The Accüsed gone filthy black metal.
Limited to 100 translucent yellow-green cassettes. Includes patch and lyric card.
I will rip the new 7" soon but for now buy the new 7" HERE!