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Celtic Frost ‎– Morbid Tales LP (BANZAI) + PIC DISC LP Reissue

noise / Banzai
2005  Earmarkpic disc LP reissue

A1 Into The Crypts Of Rays    
A2 Visions Of Mortality    
A3 Dethroned Emperor    
A4 Morbid Tales    
B1 Procreation (Of The Wicked)    
B2 Return To The Eve    
B3 Danse Macabre    
B4 Nocturnal Fear

Ripped from the Original Banzai vinyl 1984. Just a damn good record and mandatory for all metalheads and punks.

Banzai cassette rip coming soon.

Hellhammer - Demon Entrails 3LP (orig. black vinyl)

3LP compilation
released in 2008 by
Prowling Death Records ‎– PDR 009 
under exclusive license to
Century Media ‎– 9977391
V0 + scans

Record One
"Death Fiend" Demo,
June 10/11, 1983
PDR - 001

Side One:
Maniac †
Angel of Destruction †
Hammerhead *
Bloody Pussies *

Side Two:
Death Fiend *
Dark Warriors †
Chainsaw *
Ready for Slaughter †
Sweet Torment †

Record Two
"Triumph of Death" Demo,
June 10/11, 1983
PDR - 002

Side One:
Crucifixion * †
Maniac *
(Execution) When Hell's Near * †
Decapitator * †
Blood Insanity *
Power of Satan †

Side Two:
Reaper †
Death Fiend *
Triumph of Death †
Metallic Storm *
Ready for Slaughter †
Dark Warriors †
Hammerhead *

Record Three
"Satanic Rites" Demo,
December 2/3/4/7, 1983
PDR - 003

Side One:
Messiah †
Third of the Storms (Evoked Damnation) †
Buried and Forgotten †
Maniac [re-recorded version] †
Eurynomos †

Side Two:
Triumph of Death [re-recorded version] †
Revelations of Doom †
Reaper [re-recorded version] †
Satanic Rites †
Crucifixion [re-recorded version] †

* Lead vocals by Steve Warrior
† Lead vocals by Tom Gabriel Warrior

Re-mastered from original master copies, 2007

This is the definite Hellhammer demo compilation to own! Faithfully remastered from the original tape sources, the sound of these demos is as rotten as they must have been back in the day. As opposed to the 2CD version, each vinyl record is a replica of the original three demos, thus some tracks appear twice on record one and two.

Nobly packaged in a gatefold jacket, each record housed in a heavy innersleeve with the original cover and huge band photos. Also features a big, two sided 12"x24" poster and a extensive DIN-A4 36 page booklet containing liner notes, lyrics and band footage from 1983.

Just like Von pointed out in this post, the legacy of HELLHAMMER becomes obvious just by looking at the stage names of MAYHEM. The A-side of the Satanic Rites demo most certainly served as inspiration for names of former vocalists Sven-Erik (Maniac) & Billy (Messiah), former guitarist Øystein (Euronymous "the prince of death") and obviously their drummer Jan-Axel (Hellhammer).

Though it's long sold out, I recommend getting the original pressing on black wax through Avoid the PIc-Disc re-issue from 2013!


For more information about the band and the rise of extreme metal, I can recommend you Tom G. Warrior's book "Only Death Is Real".

Friday, 28 November 2014

Körgull The Exterminator ‎– Dogs Of War cassette tape

War Flagellation Productions

1 Howls Of War 2:10
2 The Death Squads March Upon The Etermination Fields 3:47
3 Revenge Of The Dead 5:30
4 Berserkers 4:31
5 Dogs Of War 5:13
6 For The Glory Of Tyr     4:57
7 From Hell 4:46
8 Varg The Mighty 3:51
9 Kindome Of Darkness 5:44
10 Satan Bless You (Sabbat)

Nasty Blackened thrash metal from Spain.

Tape sold out at most distros but you can still find it floating around for cheap. Discogs maybe?

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

MASTER'S HAMMER - Vracajte Konve na Misto (Unmastered Cassette Edition, Full - Length, 2012)

Side A
1. Nordfrostkrampfland 04:18
2. Šumava 04:59
3. Ve vichru nicoty 03:54
4. Námořnická 03:22
5. Podejte mi samopal 02:41
6. Dreaming Bulldog 01:27

Side B
7. Vracejte konve na místo 03:37
8. Lovecraft 04:16
9. Flammarion 04:48
10. Lingam a mikve 02:50
11. Pantheismus dobra 03:59
12. Flammarion Fatal Mix 04:19

Duration: 44:30  

LABEL: Independent (Check This Label: YIHOSOUND RECORDS)
FORMAT: Cassette

Composed, recorded and mixed at Jihosound Studio. 
Drums recorded at Hellsound Studio in December 2011.


František Štorm - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synth
Jan Kapák - Drums
Necrocock Vocals, Guitars

Joe Harper Jew's harp, Vocals (throat) (on tracks 2, 5, 11)

Petr "Blackie" Hošek - Mastering, Photography
František Štorm - Artwork

"Okultisto, nihilisto, 
Vracejte nám konve na místo!"

------------666--------------- DOWNLOAD LINK ------------666---------------


Woods of Infinity - Hejdå (Full - Length, 2005)

Side A
1. Köld 06:39
2. Under färden 07:24
3. Kärlek och vänskap 06:00
4. Piskar ut mitt hat 05:14
5. En förgången tid 09:38

Side B
6. Det som hände 06:10
7. Old Songs (Barry Manilow cover)
8. Sakrament 05:55
9. Moonlight Shadow (Mike Oldfield cover)
Duration: 55:21

LIMITATION: 450 copies

"Hejdå" is a Swedish term for "Good bye".

Melkor - Bass, Drum programming, Guitars
Ravenlord - Samples, Vocals

------------666--------------- DOWNLOAD LINK ------------666---------------


Saturday, 22 November 2014

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Hellhammer – Apocalyptic Raids 12'' (BANZAI)

Banzai Records

A1 The Third Of The Storms (Evoked Damnation) 2:45
A2 Massacra 2:48
B1 Triumph Of Death 9:23
B2 Horus / Aggressor 4:25

Hellhammer were rather criticized when they appeared in 1983, a lot of people didn't get their raw and extreme sound. However, some people did appreciate this Swiss band: the people who went on to form the modern black metal scene (for example the drummer from Mayhem took their name as his own)..... We all know the story by now? 

Monday, 17 November 2014

VON - Satanic Blood Angel [LP]

Nuclear War Now!
MP3 320

Satanic Blood
A1 - Devil Pig    
A2 - Veinen    
A3 - Watain    
A4 - Lamb    
A5 - Veadtuck    
A6 - Satanic Blood    
A7 - Christ Fire    
Blood Angel
B1 - VON    
B2 - Evisc    
B3 - Release    
B4 - Blood Angel    
B5 - Chalice Of Blood    
B6 - Vennt    
B7 - Backskin    
Live at The Stone, San Francisco 1991

C1 - Veinen    
C2 - Watain    
C3 - Lamb    
C4 - Evisc    
C5 - Release    
C6 - Satanic Blood    
D1 - Veadtuck    
D2 - Chalice Of Blood    
D3 - Goat Christ    
D4 - Vennt    
D5 - Dissection Inhuman    
D6 - VON

"With a razor
Spells a word
Within the chest
A single word..."

The True VON
; not to be confused with the usurpers of late. VON featured Von Goat as the frontman, delivering possessed vocals over minimalist riffs and primtive drums by Snake. Their first 2 demos have definitely cemented themselves as cult classics in the history of Black Metal and especially American Black Metal. While the entire bay area scene was drowned in thrash and guitar wankery, VON stood out by stripping itself down to pure evil and letting the glossolalia-like lyrics speak for themselves.

Long out-of-print, sold out DLP by Nuclear War Now!.


Intolitarian ‎– Omnicidal Murderer 7"

Deathangle Absolution Records

A1.Omnicidal Murderer

Limited edition of undisclosed amount of copies.  

Deathangle Absolution Records came into existence in January 2013. The label acts
as the next level and continuation of the path forged by the previous labels
Satanic Skinhead Propaganda and its sub-label, Audial Decimation Records. Both
labels were ended in December 2012, and the idea was to combine all of the bands
and styles of those into one new entity, with an even broader spectrum of releases,
styles and bands.DAR will not focus on any specific genre of music or style, but rather
act as a platform for ALL truly EXTREME and SUPERIOR Underground Music and Art.
To pick up where SSP and ADR left off, and then moving far beyond them. 


Intolitarian ‎– Berserker Savagery CASSETTE TAPE

Conspiracy Recordings / TheNewSlavery ‎

A1.Weapon Of Revolution
B1.Death Campaign

Reissue limited to 90 tapes,some in black shells and some in white shells.
Vocal shrapnel, Bass onslaught, Lyrics, Logo, Imagery and Design by Antichrist Kramer 2009-2011.

Session Hammers by Terror 2011.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered in May 2011. 

 INTOLITARIAN was created and christened as “Berserkergrind Noisecore” in 2009 by Antichrist Kramer, with the sole purpose of unleashing the most devastating audial force on the planet, and to expose the music that dares to call itself “extreme”, as the pathetic, stagnant and weak filth that it is. INTOLITARIAN exists to punish, torture and murder the senses of all who perpetuate this modern world of degeneration and failure. No future, no victory and no equality for anyone or anything. No one is safe…

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Nicole 12 - Black Line [LP]

Freak Animal
FLAC 16/44

A1. Mirror World Reflections   
A2. Obsession   
A3. Black Line   
A4. Centaur Forlags : II   
A5. Stroker   
B1. Glow Of Ionesco   
B2. Forever Model   
B3. Mother Talks   
B4. Wrinkly Bills   
B5. Reversed Visions

"Black Line, transforming innocence into crime..."

Mikko Aspa's 'Nicole 12' is a carefully crafted, bleak Power Electonics project that has pop culture and the media's sexualization of childen as a lyrical and aural theme.
His ability to create soundscapes that put the listener in a twisted, dystopian mindset
constantly switching between predator and prey help make this one of his most powerful projects.
Controversial and not for the easily offended.

Special vinyl version with faux-leather packaging.

Still available at RRRecords.

Sovereign - Dogman [LP]

Necromancer Records

Side Alcoholic
A1 - Intro (In The Abysses Of Soul)
A2 - 0:17
A3 - Rum And Beer
A4 - Km 17 (Ripper In Storm)
A5 - Dogman II
Side Insane
B1 - Dogman I
B2 - The Hitcher
B3 - Voices In My Mind
B4 - Solitude In Storm

Picture a blend of Ulver (if they didn't go fag), Mutiilation (if they didn't go outer-space) and Sarcofago (if they didn't grow up), add a few pints and a few shots and you have Rudolf the Proud. This is the LP version of his latest offering of raw, lycanthropic, alcoholic, Brazilian black metal.

All Sovereign releases are analog only.

Still available at Iron Pegasus.



Saturnalia Temple - Impossibilum MLP

recorded (?)
released: 6th September 2013 on
12" red vinyl MLP, 45rpm
The Ajna Offensive ‎– FLAME81

A - Golachab
B - Dhamballah (Exuma cover)

Side A offers us the track "Golachab", which could have easily been on their previous effort Aion of Drakon. It sounds a bit like the final track "Fall" from that record, so it made perfect sense to release this track separately, so it can stand on it's own. Hypnotic riffing, ritualistic chants and psyched out guitar solos, simply great. It features a very long fade out, so the song could have easily gone on and on, but it sadly stops after about 11 minutes.

The B-Side is not your obvious cover song by some famous band. Exuma appears to be some obscure bahamian 70's, long forgotten of course but worth checking out. This cover version sounds very loose, due to the lack of drums and flows very gently with the watery guitars, I really like that.

Check out their first full-legth if you're new to the band, this might not be the best starting point. It's an MLP in the sense that it's a complementary release, but a very sweet one if you're into their musical concept.

The cover art was done by Manuel Tinnemans

Order through The Ajna Offensive

Watch out for their forthcoming second album, which will be released around February 2015.


Friday, 14 November 2014

Inquisition - Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan [TAPE]

Hell's Headbangers Records
MP3 320

A1 - Embraced By The Unholy Powers Of Death And Destruction
A2 - Enshrouded By Cryptic Temples Of The Cult
A3 - Kill With Hate
A4 - Rituals Of Human Sacrifice For Lord Baal
A5 - Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan
B1 - Hail The King Of All Heathens
B2 - The Realm Of Shadows Shall Forever Reign
B3 - For Lucifer My Blood
B4 - Imperial Hymn For Our Master Satan
B5 - Untitled

...I call upon demon thrones with these words:
My blood is yours king of mine... Lucifer."

Originally released in 2002 and long out of print, Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan is the moment where INQUISITION truly came into their own and cemented a sound uniquely and entirely theirs: bulldozing, hypnotic, ritualistic, and thoroughly occult..."

CD, Tape and Vinyl versions have been reissued.

Still available at HHR.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Ash Pool - Cremation Is Irreversible [7" EP]

...Of Crawling Shadows Records

A1 - Cremation Is Irreversible - Part I
B1 - Cremation Is Irreversible - Part II

Reduced to 7 pounds..."

Dominick Fernow's most recent exploit as Ash Pool. A 10-minute EP consisting of 2 looping tracks exploring the subject of cremation. Dynamic, explosive, maelstrom of nihilistic death music.

The vinyl version brings the clarity and dimension this release deserves.

Still available at HHR.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Deathcult - Demo '12 tape

recorded in march 2012
released in november 2012 through
Invictus Productions
white cassette tape
first ptess, ltd. 100

Side Attack
A1 Intro
A2 Deathcult
A3 Beasts of Faith
A4 Deus bonus est

Side Beast
(same as A)

Besides the few exceptions that made it into heavy metal history, most of our Swiss bands are either shit or slightly above average, with some . DEATHCULT however, are prime example of a band that sticks to the traditions of crude and evil death metal and delivering their own, original sound. Needless to say, that it's old-school as fuck.

KzR from the mighty BÖLZER handles vocals and guitars in the project, so if you like them, you might wanna check this one out.

The third press of the demo seems to be sold out everywhere and looks like this was the last pressing. But they recently released as brand new 12" MLP, which you can order through Iron Bonehead Prod. (once they're back).


Terrörhammer - Vintage Black Mass 12''

Heavy Forces Records

Side A - Terror
1. Messe Noire     04:45      
2. Hammer of the Terror Cult 03:46      
3. Hellspells     03:56      
Side B - Hammer
4. Warcry 02:50      
5. Nunfuck Division 05:36

Excellent Blackened Thrash Metal from Serbia  \m/


Piledriver – Metal Inquisition LP


A1 Metal Inquisition 5:06
A2 Sex With Satan 4:33
A3 Sodomize The Dead 2:13
A4 Witch Hunt 7:06
B1 Pile Driver     4:32
B2 Human Sacrifice 5:16
B3 Alien Rape 8:33

I posted both cassette versions I may as well post the LP. Down right dirty Heavy Metal Thrash.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Alchemyst - Nekromanteion LP

recorded between Dec. MMXI A.B. and May MMXII A.B.
released on 31.10.2012 by
Necroshrine Records on CD
LP version by
Iron Bonehead Productions - IBP 144
black vinyl LP, ltd. 400

A1 Pulse of Tartaros
A2 House of Aides (Nekromanteion Pt. I)
A3 Rites of the Holy Hill
A4 The Inner Fire
A5 Kharon (Nekromanteion Pt. II)

B1 Circle of Elements
B2 Okkvltista
B3 A Cave of Tress
B4 Temple of Medusa
B5 Oracle of the Dead (Nekromanteion Pt. III)

ALCHEMYST were a occult death/black metal project from Germany. Not quite a supergroup, but it featured members from ANAEL, HELLISH CROSSFIRE and MOSAIC. They sadly split up, early 2014 leaving behind a hand full of demos, a split and their only full-lenght album: Nekromantheion. Call it a concept album if you want to, ALCHEMYST in itself is a concept band, dealing with ancient mysticism from the Mediterranean, more precisely Greek mythology.
This is an outstanding release, featuring haunting riffs, clever songwriting, ambient soundscapes. Both the more catchy tracks such as Okkvltista or the more lenghty ones like  Oracle of the Dead contribute to a dark, ritualistic atmosphere. Listen to this from start to finish only! Once it's on there's no turning back...

The LP comes in a matt laminated record sleeve, flooded in black and a 12 page booklet on rough paper stock, containing intriguing illustrations by Misanthropic Art who also did the front cover. The first 100 copies were on golden vinyl, 400 on black vinyl.

Order it at Iron Bonehead Productions

 DL link removed; Sorry folks, IBP has asked me Not to post rips of their releases.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Imprecation ‎– Theurgia Goetia Summa DIEHARD LP (reissue)

Repulse Records (Now Xtreem Music)
2010  deathrune-records

A1 Emperor Of The Infernal Spirits    
A2 The Throne Is Lost    
A3 Nocturnal Feast Of The Luciferians    
A4 The Awakening Of Majestic Darkness    
A5 Vomit Floods Of Christian Remains    
B1 As Blasphemy Reigns    
B2 Shrouded In Gore    
B3 Of The Underworld    
B4 Poltergeist Fathomed    
B5 Show No Mercy (Slayer)

 Die-hard edition limited to 200 copies.

Clear red vinyl in gatefold cover with poster, sticker and t-shirt included.

Also available in a regular edition on black vinyl without extras included. 




Conqueror - War Cult Supremacy LP (reissue)

Evil Omen Records (closed) / Full Moon Productions
2002 - Death to Mankind/Deathrune Records / Die Todesrune Records

1. Infinite Majesty 05:01     
2. Chaos Domination (Conquer the Enslaver) 05:56     
3. Age of Decimation     04:01     
4. Kingdom Against Kingdom 02:14     
5. Bloodhammer     05:17     
6. Hammer of Antichrist 02:41     
7. The Curse (Slaughter cover)     02:34     
8. War Cult Supremacy     03:34     
9. Domitor Invictus 06:37     
10. Command for Triumph 04:57     
11. Christ's Death (Sarcófago cover) 03:25

1999 - Evil Omen Records (EOR006CD) / Full Moon Productions (FMP027) - CD - limitation unknown.
2001 - Merciless Records - LP - ltd. ed. to 500 copies.
2002 - Full Moon Productions - CD - limitation unknown, new cover art.
2002 - Death to Mankind / Die Todesrune Records
- Picture LP w/ poster - ltd. ed. to 100 copies / LP w/ poster - ltd. ed. to 566 copies, yet another new cover art.
2005 - Hatred Productions - MC - ltd. ed. to 333 copies, same cover as on Full Moon Productions.
2011 - Nuclear War Now! Productions - 2CD-DLP-DLP Metal Box with yet another new cover art. 

Comes in gatefold cover and with a A2 poster.
B10 is a bonus track, B11 is not mentioned on the artwork.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Abysmal Lord - Rehearsal MMXIII cassette tape


 Side A - Perversion
1.     Gnashing of Teeth         
2.     Vor         
3.     Storms         
Side B - Damnation
4.     Angels of Persecution         
5.     Revelation

Chaotic and barbaric black death metal from New Orleans, LA. Limited 200 copies. Rehearsal MMXIII  cassette tape seems to be sold out everywhere.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Naked Whipper - Painstreaks LP (self-titled EP and Moloch: Acid Orgy EP)

Malodorous Mangled Innards Records (closed)
Deathrune Records

Side Painstreaks
A1 Pagan Pussy Gore Intruder     1:29
A2 The Ultimate Molestator     2:50
A3 Whore Of Damnation     2:28
A4 Perverse Delight     2:53
A5 Nunrider     2:25
A6 Impure     2:37
A7 Anal Queen     1:45
A8 Painstreaks     2:02
A9 Naked Whipper     1:08
A10 Hyperincest     1:50
A11 Nuclear Solutions (Creation Of A New Demonic Age)     2:31
Side Moloch: Acid Orgy
B1 Enjoy The Act Of Sodomy     2:01
B2 Gorelash (Make The Women Whores)     2:34
B3 Mass Excess (The Experience In Excrements)     4:03
B4 Mushrooms     1:01
B5 Enchristianization     2:40
B6 Rape 'n Ride     2:33
Naked Whipper 7"
B7 Pagan Pussy Gore Intruder     1:30
B8 Hyperincest     1:55
B9 Anal Queen     1:4

Tracks A1 to A11 from "Painstreaks" recorded during September / October 1994
Tracks B1 to B6 from "Moloch: Acid Orgy" 12" recorded during June / July 1995
Tracks B7 to B9 from "Naked Whipper" 7" recorded in 1993

Officially re-released on LP in June 2011 by Deathrune Records. 300 copies on black vinyl + 200 copies on red vinyl + t-shirt. Both versions come with the tracks from the 1993 self-titled EP and the "Moloch: Acid Orgy" EP as bonus.