Thursday, 9 April 2015

Crepusculo Negro and The Black Twilight Circle hordes

"Black Twilight is the union of the best and most dedicated bands in the Black Metal scene today. some of  the bands include Ashdautas, Volahn, Arizmenda, Kallathon,Axeman and more 

Based out of Southern California, the Black Twilight Circle consists of some of the most interesting raw black metal acts that are currently active today.
We can thank Crepusculo Negro for releasing these bands on the ancient cassette format.
Worship The Black Twilight Circle hordes. 


  1. I condone their dedication to tapes but i condemn their awful1980's dubbing equipment ahahaha. If they could press only pro-tapes it would be wonderful.

  2. lol Yes some do sound like crap... But I think that may be what I love ... bring back what Varg wanted in the old days "Necro sound" \m/