Saturday, 23 May 2015

Darkspace - Dark Space -I (12" MLP)

released: 12 June 2012
Avantgarde Music ‎– AV213
12" MLP

A. Dark Space -1.-1
B. Dark Space -1.0

Darkspace is a Swiss three piece, playing what now has been dubbed as 'space black metal'. Combining the repetitiveness of early Burzum and the monotony of Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger with electronic, dark ambient and industrial elements, they've managed to paint a picture of coldness and vast emptiness, that goes beyond your usual snowy landscapes.
This is one of the rare examples where a drum computer doesn't feel out of place on a BM record. The sterile, lifeless beats, add to the bleakness of the whole experience!

Their first demo from 2002, that was originally transmitted digitally through the Static Transmission Protocol (best band page I've ever seen). This 12" MLP is a re-recorded version, to celebrate the first decade of the band, I suppose.

Listen in complete darkness..!

Black gatefold jacket on matte finished cardboard, flooded in black, witch black inner sleeves, black labels on black wax.

Limited to an undisclosed number of copies.

SOLD OUT at the label, but you might find some copies at selected distros or in worst case, order at discocks..

Their debut album has recently been released as double LP, grab it while you can:

Receive Transmission:




  1. Hey, this file keeps comin up as having a virus. Can you please check to see if you have the same problem. Thanx for posting this btw.

  2. @Михаил Куров I use Audacity to rip my vinyls - the only formats are WAV / mp3 - so i hope, WAV will do it for you.

    @Krug The same thing happened to me recently when downloading with Win7 + Norman Anti-Virus. It kept flagging files as potential viruses, deleting some of them. I use a trendy Macbook, so I'd bet my ass that there are no viruses in the files (;